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I was diagnosed earlier almost a year ago. I am 45 years old and mother of 3. My middle son was diagnosed when he was in 4th grade with ADD, my oldest son in 9th grade with ADHD and a mood disorder, and my daughter who is now 15 was diagnosed when she was 5 with ADD. I did alot of reading and found out it runs in families. My niece has ADHD, my mother who is 71 is hyper as has never been diagnosed. Usually if one of your children has it.. either you or your husband has it also. I had trouble also remembering things, had trouble focusing on people talking to me, I might be looking at them looking like I was listening, but I can tell you I was totally daydreaming somewhere else! LOL.. Ive gone through periods when I lose things constantly, car keys, purse, phone. The latest thing I lost a few weeks ago was my digital camera.. :confused: It was on the weekend and I was not home and for the life of me I cannot remember what I did with it! I am seeing a dr. now with my daughter and we both take Adderall. It has made the world of difference in my life! O yea, when I lost the camera.. was on the weekend and I dont always take it on the weekend. :confused: Before I started taking Adderall, I would not think before I would say things sometimes,I was very impulsive, forget things, start projects and not finish them, have to have a really good reason to get out of bed before 10 unless I was working. Like you.. I have always felt different and not as mature as those others my age. That doesnt really bother me as much though, because I think you are as young as you feel and Im trying to keep up with my 15 year old daughter! I dont like to sit and watch long movies on TV, my husband will watch "dual screens" on the TV, (2programs at once) and that drives me absolutely crazi! I cant sit and do that or watch it! So now we both are on Adderall and we homeschool! Everything is great and we get alot done together when we focus together! I also run my business from home and am doing well! Good Luck and I hope you get the answers you are looking for! Let us know! ;)

Robin [/COLOR]

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