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I am new here and think I may have ADD. I am 28yrs old and all my life just felt different, and that my head is in a constant fog. I was always a pretty well behaved child, very social and always the loudest in the group. I always received good grades but got in trouble for talking too much during class and not paying attention. In high school I never bought home homework because I would get so bored during class I would just complete it then.

I am a doodler, I get bored easily with activities, conversations, and impatient with people. I like for people to get straight to the point, and my husband knows that anything beyond two sentences and I am off in 'lala land'. We joke about me being the youngest person to have Alzheimer's. I can't remember anything unless it's written down. It gets frustrating that my husband can recall scenes of a movie we have just seen and I am lucky if I can atleast remember the title!

I am into fashion design but just can't seem to complete any of my projects. I have two huge Rubbermaid bins filled with unfinished garments. Once I get started on one design so many other ideas begin to pop in my head that I must start on them immediately.

Although I had friends when I was younger, I have very few now. I have a habt of speaking what's on my mind without thinking about it and it's often taken the wrong way. I have a tendency to answer questions before they are fully asked and complete other people's sentences(and many times I'm incorrect about what they were about to say). When I was younger I used to thiink I was psyhic because of this (crazy, I know).

For the past several years I feel like I have dumbed down. I used to be very articulate, able to express myself verbally. Nowadays I confuse myself when I'm talking. I lose track of what I'm talking about and end up forgetting the point I was trying to get across.

I have so many more examples but I'm trying to keep this short as possible.(not working out too well is it?) I guess I am just asking for opinions from those who have been diagnosed. Is it possible that I am ADD?

I spoke with my mom about it and she said I don't have it (my older brother has ADHD) and my husband (whose brother also been diagnosed) says I'm not ADD and just crazy:dizzy: . It's frustrating because they have interacted ADDers and tell me that I don't have it but on the self-assessments I score very high (possible severe ADD, see a professional immediately kind of score).

I don't know what to think. I have a appt. on Oct4 with my primary care dr. for a follow-up on my insomnia but I am apprehensive in asking to get screened for ADD mainly because I don't want her to think that I am just out for the meds. I become more frustrated with myself day after day and I just want to know why.

I apologize for the long post.

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