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I was very interested in reading this post because a similar issue has just come up with my son, who is 12 yrs./6th grade. He has been on Ritilan for the past 4-5 years, which has been the most effective med so far for him, with the fewest side effects. Last week I got a call from his school about him showing some major stress symptoms, such as constantly running his hands through his hair, rubbing the tip of his nose, and pulling at his eyelashes. This only happens when he is in the classroom, not while he is at lunch or at home. When I asked him about it, he said he gets headaches in class, but he feels OK when he is at home or in the lunchroom. I should add that he wears glasses, which he only got this past summer.
I would like nothing better than to stop the Ritilan, but trying this several times in the past has shown a night-and-day difference in his ability to function in school. He does not take it on weekends or days off. I would be tempted to try the new patch (Daytrana?) but in reading the fine print on who should NOT take it, I don't have a good feeling about it. He had a very bad experience with Strattera in 2nd grade, and the warnings about possible side effects with the patch sound all too familiar.
I am also giving him fish oil and evening primrose oil 2X a day, but do not really know what dose was found to be effective in the recent study. Does anyone remember seeing the dosage? I am also giving him 5-HTP and an adult multi-vitamin. If anyone has any suggestions for helping the anxiety along with the ADHD, please let us know!

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