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I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was 17 (I am now 34) and have been on Xanax as needed the entire time. I also have Tourette's Syndrome and have suffered from depression, mild OCD, and ADD. Until recently I have refused to try any stimulant fearing it would make my anxiety and tics worse, but I found a excellent doctor and had several SPECT brain scans done (which suggested pretty bad ADD), and I now take Focalin IR 5mg 3x daily. At first it made me feel terrible (severe headaches, stomach pains, racing heart, etc.) just taking 2.5mg of Focalin, but after slowly upping my dosage over a 4 week period my body has adjusted quite well and my tics are not affected and I still take the dosage of Xanax for anxiety. I personally don't feel that your sons hair pulling is do to anxiety or Ritalin (considering he's been taking it for several years), but I guess it's possible. I would seriously look into some other conditions like trichotillomania for example.

Good luck!

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