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The simptoms of bipolar and add are very similar [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]]. I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2(a year ago)-which is a less severe type of bipolar, I started out on lithium and reacted very badly to it, so my doctor switched me to depakote-which has worked great! No side effects-I usually react very easily to any drug I take, so low doses do well. I also take welbutrin 150mg. Recently my doctor diagnosed me with add and I started taking 15mg of adderall xr-no stomach aches though, it works great for me. Everybody is different and what might work for one may not work for another. It sounds like your doctor is hesitant about diagnosing you-you may need to get a second apinion and tell another psychiatrist your situation. Once you have a diagnoses, then you just have to find the right meds, or the right combination and dosage that works best for you. good luck.

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