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Adderall questions
Oct 12, 2006
A. I've noticed I've had weird acne since I started taking adderall, 20-40 mg as needed daily - the zits seem strange, sometimes they look more like lesions or sores. I don't know how to deal with that either cause at the same time my skin is very dry and moisturizer seems to worsen the problem as well.

B. Also, what is this I hear about adderall causing sudden death, heart problems, and stroke? I read that there have been many cases of sudden death involving adderall. I have heart problems anyway, chest pains and palpitations (before I took the adderall as well) and am wondering if I am in danger. My psychiatrist will give me anything, he's not the one to ask if you say "see a doctor," I don't have a doctor.
It's always good to find a trusted source to be able to tend to your concerns (wether raised due to read something obscure in a magazine or your buddy taking the same meds "has adverse medical issues"). Please do make a noble effort in finding a doc you can talk to. If not for your self, you spouse or kids if you've got them. Adderall and heart conditions seems to be a bad thing.

Did you have a physical before you were prescribed the meds? I did and was given a better than clean bill of health, including my heart, which the doc was impressed with. That's comforting. Apparently most folks don't take good car of themselves.

My heart used to flutter a bit in the beginning (been on it for about 2 years or so) but not very often now.

I have acne anyway and haven't noticed anything unusual as far as that but speaking about raised body temp, my anti-presp, since being on Adderall isn't as effective anymore. I mentioned it to the doc shortly after starting Adderall and he grinned and said he'd had several others mention it before. Kind of a novel minor annoyance.

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