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Today is Day 7, and I simply cannot handle the side effects any longer. See my post in this forum section (thread titled "Strattera - Others w. Adult Male Side Effects?", very end of thread) for the timeline, but in summary:

25mg Strattera for 3 days, 40mg for 4 days (plus on 20mg Lexapro):
- Can hardly sleep (even with the aid of Lunesta). This is in my opinion worst effect of them all.
- Constant feeling of needing to urinate. This is 2nd worst.
- Sweat MUCH more (many times I feel cold, but am sweating)
- Lack of appetite
- If I don't pay attention and go 6-7 hours or more weithout eating, I get uncomfortably "loopy"
- "Male" issues (although not as bad as some have reported)
- Sometimes slight shakes. I play on a pool team, and made it impossible to shoot a ball.
- Significant mood swings

And with all that said, reading this forum and other info depots have shown a mix of these same results being temporary for some, and permanent for others. Even if what I felt on day 2 & 3 are what it would be like for my supposed ADD (I don't know if that was an anomoly), if I wait it out for the long term, I can't deal with these other effects......especially if they may be around for the long haul.

Not due for a followup with regular doc for another 2 weeks, but called her today for advice and she hasn't called back yet (probably tomorrow at this point).

I'm very tempted to stop taking this tomorrow....does anyone know if my short duration (4 days) on 40 mg still requires me to go back down to 25mg for a day or two to reduce any shock to my body?

I also welcome feedback from those who stuck to their guns and waited it out for the gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe my assessment of the entire situation is clouded from the meds..... ;-)

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