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Hi, I'm new to this board (this is my first post, actually). I was diagnosed 12 years ago as a result of an audiology test, but my doctor at the time was reluctant to prescribe stimulants (which were then the only available pharmaceutical intervention). He was concerned because I had a history of amphetamine abuse in late teens/early 20's. I recently asked my primary care doc (a different doc) about Strattera; he reviewed my history and said that first of all, there are stimulants with little abuse potential available now and that he believes my adolescent/early adult experience with illegal stimulants may actually be confirmation of the diagnosis. I've worked a lot over the years on behavioral approaches, and they've made life manageable for the most part but recently my job has evolved to include a lot of deadlines for very detailed and rather complex issues (grant proposals, government contracts, etc.) and I've really been struggling for the past year. My doc has recommended Daytrana, which is a ritalin patch; 20 mg. patches worn for 9 hours per day that deliver about 2 mg. per hour. I just started a few days ago, and I have noticed appetite suppression and sleeping problems, but they haven't been deal-breakers for me so far. I would be interested to hear if others are using this medication. The doc wants me to try it for a month and to ask my partner and a person I trust at work to help me monitor whether it makes much difference; then see if I want to continue or try Strattera (which he feels has been a somewhat disappointing drug). I hope your experience with Adderal continues to be positive. Have you talked with your doctor yet about any increase in dose? Have the "good days" outnumbered the unmotivated ones? Thanks and good luck.

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