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Try this. Prepare and take your research, reasoning and questions to the doc of your choice. Just say something like, and practice it, 'Ritilan and Adderall doesn't seem to be effective. I've read up a bit and Dexadrine stands out a bit. (you have your research to hand the doc). With this, what do you think?'

Another thing you may want to cary with you is a list of symptoms you'd like the meds to help. I've cut and pasted mine below for example.

Going to a doc and asking for drugs can leave you with the 'he things I'm a druggy on the hunt' feeling. Going to a doc prepared with specific details and research (an effort) will put you in the 'lets see what we can do about this' feeling... maybe. It does me.

I'll tell you, I've just moved to a new area (Mobile, AL) and I have had a diffacult time just having a doc pickup my current treatment. Either the doc 'doesn't prescribe that kind of medicine' or they are paranoid prescribing the meds. Anyway, good luck.

Here's my Symptom Sheet:

Symptoms likely related to ADD I’d like to work on:

• Forgetfulness – Now where was I going; what was I just saying; This is my wife... uh, BJ; I just had my keys-laptop-pen-head right here
• Distractions - Working on something, loose track or complete sight of task due to some external happenings or powerful thoughts.
• Difficulty following Conversations – Spend so much time trying to catch up after a “lapse” moments during the conversation, I eventually get completely lost in the conversation.
• Anxious being around unfamiliar and crowded places – i.e. Malls; Get turned around easily (lost as in my bearing or direction); Not familiar with what to do on the fly (something unique at the checkout I wasn’t anticipating like a question or a decision needs being made quickly) These moments make me feel as if I stand out (which I’m sure I do at times) and everyone’s attention is on me. I’m unable to operate on split decisions of just about any sort.
• Out of Synch with the world – My ways, ideas and thoughts seem so against my peers. How I work on a problem, perceive things, what’s simple to them is complex for me and what complex for them is simple for me.
• Organization – It’s just not there.
• Sense of time – I can be in Wal-Mart or working on an issue for what seems to be 10 minutes and come to find 2 hours have gone by with out realizing it.
• Foggy thinking – Actual thinking or processing of an issue doesn’t happen. I just stare at it. Air headedness; Earth to Tony.
• Inconsistent mood or performance–Some days I seem decent, functional and sociable and others I’m distance, clueless and want to avoid people and tasks. Things just don’t happen. Through out my life as far back as I can remember this has been an issue. I haven’t found anything even triggering good or bad days, moments or weeks.
• Restlessness – Can’t settle down mentally. Constantly having to do something.
• Can’t retain – I hear it, understand it but after a while, it’s a vague idea.
• No energy – Dazed Benadryl feeling, lazy, sever sleepiness without sleep feeling during the day.

Symptoms helped:
• Forgetfulness along with learned tricks
• Distractions somewhat
• Can follow conversations better
• Sense of time somewhat. Easier to pay attention to time queues
• Foggy thinking nearly completely gone
• Energy problem completely gone
• Anxiousness nearly completely gone, able to make the split actions
• Restlessness somewhat. It’s there just not so random.
• I retain much better even remember what I learned while on the meds after the meds wear off.

Negative effects:
• No appetite
• No sleep if taken late in day
• Increased moodiness
• A crash as the meds wear off (45 to 1 hour)
• Short acting lasts about 2 hours
• Higher doses (30mg vs. 20mg) gave more severe crashes, extreme moodiness and jitters
• Inconsistent performance of meds.

Symptoms helped:
• Energy a good bit
• Moodiness nearly completely gone
• Foggy thinking somewhat
• Forgetfulness somewhat even with tricks
• Anxiousness somewhat. Still have the issues but the panic effect isn’t there.
• Distractibility somewhat. I actually have the reins on my focus but it’s like a wild horse as without meds, I’m flying down the hill with no control.

Negative effects:
• Burning skin at site
• Severe ADD symptoms after it’s removed lasts about 2 hours
• Only lasts 5 hours
• No appetite

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