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Once you start your full dose, one of the main things you may notice is the inability to sleep. This drug is also used to treat narcolepsy. My seven year old is on 25mg and I am currently being started out on 15mg. My son did have issues with sleep early on, but as time went on it seemed to get better. The earlier you take the medicine (7am), the better chance of sleep at night. Some people will take antihistimines for help. I take Abien once in a while-the lowest does is 5mg, which is what I take. It is said that abien can be addictive, but at a low does and with appropriate use it can be helpful. As far as the focus goes, you'll probably notice more of a change when you take your full dose. You'll notice you can read, and not have to continually re-read things-and you understand them. I am a full time college student with two kids-so this was great. I also don't forget things. Dry mouth is a side effect, so carry water with you-or gum works well. Make a list of how you were before adderall and use it to compare with the list after-also let your doctor know exactly how you feel for dosage increase or decrease. If adderall doesn't give you great effects you may also need to take Strattera with adderall. Hope this has helped.

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