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Hi im 18 year old male i have been prescribed adderall now for the past 3 months i had refused to go to therephy when i was in high schhool but my parents thought it was a good thing soo i made them happy. when i started college my therepist told me to consider med options she belived i was deppresed i refused but once again i made my parents happy when i started college i saw a phycotherepist for the first time told him my whole deal and he gave my wellbutrin 200mg then after two weeks 500mg for about a month and a half. i hated it. i have a very ocd personality and tend to abuse things both doctors know that when i was 13 i wieghed 240 pounds and began to take stimulats and drugs i droped to 135 pounds in 3 months i looked like death. i smoke ciggeretts and always have smoked allot about 2 -3 packs a day since 13 years old. i destroyed my body and liver on stimulants at 13 and got cleaned up and stayed healthy and fit for a good 3-4 years but always smoked but no drugs and i never drank but very big into health. on wellbutrin i gained 12 pounds in 5 weeks and smoked sometimes 4 -5 packs a day. when i started college this year my job got more important and i got promotedd with 6 days a week it was difficult but i got through it. wen i went back to the doctor for the wellbutrin i told him i hated it and it dosent help and im always tired and feel disgusting. he asked me if i wanted to try adderall he knew i had a high tollerance to stimulants soo he started me off at 40 mg a day imediate realease. 1-2 in morning 1-2 in afternoon 2 weeeks later i told him its good but it dosent last from schhool to work soo he gave me same 1-2 in mornin-1-2-afternoon-1-2 and 1-2 around 3 or 4 my classes are in the morning from 8 -12or 1 ish and work from 3 to 11-12 pm soo im around the clock busy 7 days week a month later he told me same thing but no more then 80 mg a day imediate realse. he told me he dosent wanna give me the extended realse becasue its only good for two dosages. well this week i went back and now im taking 120 mg a day of adderall 30mg four times a day i didnt and never did think anything from it but the pharmacist told me there is no reason anyone should be taking a dose that high a day i never had any excperience with adderall but i must honestly say it has changed my life around and things are soo much easier in my life cause of it but i think it may be hurting me some days i dont wake up for nothing even if you stabbed me and i get my 6-8 hours of sleep and when i know i need more i really know it my head brain and body ache and hurt the only reason i joined this chat was to get some answrs and help what should i do is this normal and the pharmacist really had scared me and i told her this has changed my life around 100% i wish i had this in hs im more organized doing great in school and work but wen im off of it im sooooo moody and irriatble and soo far i only havent taken it two days since iv been prescribed on it and those two days were the worst days of my life and everything feels like a blurrr... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME? Does anyone know if this is normal? What are the highest you ever seen? i Contacted the FDA and they had told me a person my age should be on no more that 40 mg a day or ex realse ones. Someone help me?


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