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I wonder what your dosage is? My seven year old takes 25mg of strattera at night before bed for this same reason. He has also been on adderall xr for the past couple of years-he now take 25mg of adderall in the morning. he wakes up for me fine and goes to sleep fine too. adderall has a side effect of insomnia, but with taking the strattera at night it seems to counter act that. There is no problem taking strattera in the evening-if your really unsure just call your pharmacist. good luck.
I'am taking 25mg HCI every morning. I also have another problem it happend to me the other night but I just maybe it was just that once. well I can't go to sleep! I'am tired drowiess allday but when it comes time to go to sleep I just shut my eye's and can't seem to go to sleep. I'am not hyper like I was my mother and wife seen such a big change for the good. But I'll try to go to sleep around 9 or 10 but I just shut my eye's and can't seem to go to sleep. I'll be up to 3 in the morning and will be back up at around 8 or 9 in the morning. Then around 7 in the evening of that day I'll be sleeping till the next morning wow! I'am gonna call my doctor tommarow morning. Any one have any idea?

try taking it in the evening before bed-about an hour before. I also have a hard time going to sleep (it's 1:30am). For me the insomnia is a symtom of my bipolar type2, also it appears to be a side effect of the adderall I recently started taking, but in time I know this will go away. my son had the same problem with sleep and it went away with time. Has your doctor thought you might be bipolar? type 2 is a very mild form and can coexist with adult add. I am also hyper and have always found it hard to sleep because when I lay down at night to go to bed I can't seem to clear my mind and go to sleep. I am prescribed 5mg of regular ambien which works great and I only take it from time to time, but usually when I find out that I'm going to be up half the night it's too late to take the ambien because it has to be taken when you know you'll get at least 8 hours of sleep-which means I'd have to take it before I even know if I'll need it that night. I have to get up at 6:30am to get my son off to school so I need to make sure I have enough sleep when taking to ambien. If you were just recently diagnosed, it may take a couple of different doses or cominations of meds to find out which one works right for you-don't give up, it sound like your on the right track.
I didn't get to sleep till 4:30 and got up at 8:00. I never did this before taking the med. I told my self I wouldn't take it in the morning and call my Dr well he wasn't in today there office is closed today. Well by 11:00 or so I was so hyper I mean bad. I took my strattera hour later I was fine! I know my Dr is going to have to do something about this sleep problem becuase the next day I will be tired irtiable,edgy,very little axiety problay from lack of sleep. If I get a good night of sleep with the med I'am really good. I'am taking the strattera HCI time relayed. My wife says it's allmost like it's wearing off for me around bed time or like it's not as strong by the need of night. But what gets me is how can a med take the hyperness away and make me feel better as a person but wolt let me sleep at night you would think it would help sleeping for me. I was going to try to take it at night today but with missing a dose I was very hyper my mother and wife said they could see the hyperness in my eye's I took it in a hour I was fine.


I know this is going to sound hard but really try to take it before bed tomorrow-it could really help. Also talk to your doctor about maybe taking a dose before bed and another one in the morning. this could help it stay balanced in your system. Try jogging, running, or maybe surprise your wife and clean all the windows in the house-she may surprise you and help you burn off some of that energy;)
My daughter is on adderall and strattera. When she was taking Strattera alone she was sleepy all day, so I put her on it at night but then she wasn't doing her stuff during the day cause there was nothing left in her body to make her settled down. Now she is on 25 mg adderall xr in the morning and 25mg strattera in the evening and so far it have been working ok. She only have been on this dose going on for two months now but I have notice a change. It depends on the person also. What works for one might now work for another. Also I have notice on this medication she is eating alot better now.

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