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Hi ScatterB,

Stimulants do have a tendency to 'activate' a large portion of the brain. When people are prone to anxiety and/or obsessive/compulsive tendencies, what is going on in the brain already is overactivation of certain parts -- sort of like "hot spots." Adding stimulants to that can be like pouring oil on a fire. Everyone is different, of course, but not infrequently in such situations, anxiety can really flare up. Stim meds may also further rev your hyperactive mental state.

This is not a traditional medical approach, but have you encountered the experience & testimonies of many people who have reduced or resolved attentional & even anxiety issues by treating food allergies and intolerances? I personally know of 2 young women who were hospitalized for anorexia, only to have it found later (due to parent's internet prowling & pushing for testing), that they suffered from celiac disease, a severe form of gluten intolerance. Once the dietary issues were addressed, anxiety was reduced, vomitting & diarrhea stopped, & the anorexia resolved. Mental energy & focus was restored.

I also recommend the book, Healing ADD by Daniel Amen, M.D. This book gives a self test for 6 sub-types of ADD (I think you would find a subtype that fits), as well as recommendations for both medication combinations and also effective alternative med approaches, for each subtype. If you like what Dr. Amen has to say, this book may be a conversation-extender for you with your doc and/or parents.

Best wishes.

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