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Hi, everyone. New to this board. I am a teenager and am trying to find treatment. To make this as short as possible, I have had a phobia for as long as I can remember (of vomiting-it does exist, belong to one of those forums too ;-P) and in the past it has caused me to stop eating and at one point, almost two, I was hospitalized, and then diagnosed (or should I say misdiagnosed) with anorexia. I am trying to seek treatment for ADHD, but the doc who I began to see before I was almost hospitalized a second time refuses to put me on stimulants because he thinks I have an eating disorder. So now I am trying to find a new doctor because this one obviously has the story completely twisted. I was evaluated at NY Presbyterian (which is supposedly one of the best hosps in the nation), and they said they are concerned about putting me on stims b/c of my history of anxiety issues, rather than one of anorexia. so I guess that's a little better-at least they know that its anxiety-based and not anorexia.

I cannot do this anymore: I live in a dysfunctional household with a neurotic mother which is probably why I became so anxiety-provoked myself, and my parents are also very skeptical about the meds. It takes me HOURS to get my work done and I have no life because all I do is school/homework. My biggest issue is internal (hyperactive mind) rather than external distraction.

anyways, my question is, do stims cause anxiety?? (no strattera for me--huge vomiting rep) if they do, can i just get the ADD and phobia/anxiety treated simultaneously?? also, what I just said about internal distraction, is it common for people with ADD to be distracted by their own thoughts racing about pretty much everything other than the task they should be focusing on? I haven't told my mom yet, because my therapist told me not to, she will flip, but I asked by dad to speak to his bro (my uncle) about me moving in with him and my aunt because I cannot stand my household anymore and I need a more supportive, but more easygoing environment for the next 1-2 years before I'm off to college.

Thank you all SOO much for reading all this. I really appreciate all your replies and your time. My career goal is to be a PA to a psychiatrist, so, ironically, I'm actually interested in all this that I'm struggling with. :-P

Thank you all again!

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