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sorry, i haven't responded sooner....i just found the anxiety section of these boards...i have been taking both without anything negative taking place.

as for the adderall...i take 40 mg of the xr in the morning and 20 mg of the non-xr around 4 in the afternoon and it seems to be good for me. the theory behind this is that the xr seems to wear off around that time or a little later and the non-xr is like a little pick my up that will last until around 8...then i can get to sleep at a proper hour (as adderall has a tendency to keep me awake).

at first i started around the same dosage as you have described (i did try other medications that didn't help too much). it took at least a full week or two before i seemed to get a "light bulb effect" where it just suddenly seemed to start working. eventually, i did go to 40 mg though. your body can begin to tolerate the medicine and the medicine will not have the same benefits, maybe the reason you doctor is starting you off on a low dosage...that way when/if your body begins to tolerate it you have some headroom to add more to the dosage.

like the my doctor/psych has told me...there are plenty of options with medications. finding the right medicine for you can make a world of difference. i would try to work hand in hand with the doctor and let them know exactly what the medicine is or is not doing. i know i have a tendency to feel like i am bothering them when i have had to call them concerning medicines, but the bottom line is that is what you are paying them to do....they work for you (but that may just be me).

one last thing, from what i understand (this is how it was explained to me) the xr has a tiny hole drilled into the top of the pill via laser. when you take the medicine the first round of medicine is absorbed by your body...after awhile the the second round of medicine is released...then the third. theoretically, this is designed to give you better "coverage" throughout the day with one pill. [[COLOR="DarkRed"]removed[/COLOR]] as for the regular dosage, it is absorbed all at once only giving you a certain amount of "coverage".

i may not be 100% accurate on all this info, but i think you get the point. [[COLOR="DarkRed"]removed[/COLOR]] i hope this patient, you all will find something that works well for you. i know it seems horrible, right now, but it'll be worth it.

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