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Keep in mind that asthma medications are very stimulating so they could cause such behaviors and sleep problems. The problem is he needs them to breathe I understand. I think there are alternative treatments for asthma out there, however, if you stick with meds at least don't worry about adding more for ADD because he most likely doesn't have it but rather is having reactions to asthma meds.

Also, do you keep the thermostat at minimum at 72 degrees? My kids got alot of bronchitis and sometimes asthma when they were little and when a doctor told me about mold spores in the air if the house is kept too cold (he said below 72) can aggravate lung problems, it seemed to really help keep them out of the doctor's office every other month, to keep the temp up more in the winter. It did cost more gas bill wise, but then again, doctor visits and medication isn't cheap either.
Hello all:

This is my first time at this site and i have found your postings informative and hope that i might be able to help someone with my experiences. I am 35 an have adhd myself and have 2 children with adhd,one 17 and one 13. I have found that there is many medications and some work for some people and not for others. We have been through every possible situation and tried most of the options from Ritlan to concerta and around the world it seems. I wish i could say that one specific med. is just perfect but the honest answer is there is no perfect med. they all have different side affects or things that just dont suit your situation. My 17 year old son no longer is on medication. He has learned to alter his behavior as he has gotten older. My 13 year old has a much more severe case of adhd and takes Adderall. He has taken Foclin in the past and it caused him to be very angry all the time. I know with any medication the problem with not being able to sleep does get alot better as their body adjust to the medication. As for myself I also take Adderall and have never had trouble sleeping, but that might have something to do with having 4 kids too. I have spent many days and nights crying over the problems with this disorder and have finally learned to manage a somewhat normal life, but dont let it make you feel alone because you are not the only ones that are having these same problems and they will get better. There is also an orgi****tion called CHAD (children and adults with add) that you can contact that can be a very good tool .
Please read my post about a link between ADHD and ADD and sleep disorders. Also do an advanced search on sleep disorders in children. The University medical centers in the US have some great sites.

You say your son has trouble sleeping.. this along with the ADHD/ADD can be the side effect of sleep apnea! Mood swings, uncontrolable temper, waking irritable, suppressed growth rate, poor school perfermance, insomnia, and hyperactivity. [B]THESE are all signs of extreme sleep deprivation![/B] Please consult a sleep specialist ASAP! Your pediatrician and other doctors may overlook the link out of ignorance. I know from experience. My son began to exhibit behavior such as this at the age of 2.. It turns out he has severe sleep apnea. It took two years to find the source of his problem. It was amazing the change sleeping on a CPAP caused in just one night.


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