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I have dealt with so many issue's over the last7 years,that is how long I have been sober. My son has bi-polar type2 & it is real struggle to see his pain but it made me realize as he talks about his mind racing I've had that all my life. Not being able to keep my mind on one thing for very long my Dr. has put me on Strattra as I mentioned earlier in a post. I am a hard worker but on task that require much attention I falter sometime's more than others. I know this is wearing thin at times they know I'm not dumb but I just can't do some of the job's it seem's overwellming even thought I am more than capable of doing it. I have seen some times of quiet with 40 mg of strattera but the side effects suck. I have had deppersion issues but the last year has been the best in my life for that not on meds for it now. Is there some good resorces to find out for sure I have add.I have had quite a few different Dr.s & no one has mentioned add before. My depresion was always the focus been on lots of drugs not sure how many helped or if they did I never felt like anything but time helped. All my life I could do task, good as long as they didn't get to involved. There were some exception but there have been time's in my life were I would not have stuck to the task of writing this before needing to quit or be distrated. I have listened to books on tape to quiet my mind down for years but that is only so effective. For years I was was real bad about siting things down all over the place & having to find it. I bounce from task to task at the house not really completing any. Does this sound like add to any of you?

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