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This is the downregualtion of brain receptors that can gradually occur when certain receptors are artificially and sometimes overstimulated with chemicals. Downregulation is a desensitization or sometimes cell death of those receptors. This is what most call tolerance. Higher doses or sometimes different drugs may help but the same cycle can continue intil one may reach the limits of ethical prescribing practices. How long that takes is individual and also depends on the limits in medicine. Not everyone "hits the wall" with drugs but when it happens, well you are screwed in a sense since other drugs will only work for a short time too.

However, there is hope, the brain can recover from downregulation, sometimes completely or sometimes incompletely, but it can recover. Unfortuanately, while recovery is taking place many cannot tolerate the withdrawal type symptoms and find it hard to wait it out. This is why many stay on psych drugs for life, even people who originally took them for situational things in their life rather than unexplained illness.

Being on the drugs for life is tolerable for some people; others have a terrible time and both usually will experience some health issues caused by the drugs during the course.

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