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Greetings, Tyler's Mom. Sorry to post this twice, but I wanted an instant Email response with it. So here it is again.

I am new to Healthboards, but am very interested in many topics. I am a 24 year old, and have been on ADHD medication since I was in first grade because I wrote the F-word on the wall (rather than get detention, I ended up being put on a strong stimulant medication for the rest of my life).

I was on Ritalin all through high school and college, up until after graduation. I asked my doctor if instead of having two 20 milligrams of Ritalin a day, could I have three. See, Blue Cross will fill prescriptions early, up to the 18th day. And every 18 days I asked for my prescription. It was embarrassing, and uncalled for. I confronted my doctor with this and he said that 60 mg of Ritalin was an awfully high dose and prescribed me to 3 Focalin 10 mg instant releases, and one 54 milligram of Concerta a day! (Can you figure that logic!?). But I went for it. My insurance wouldn't cover three Focalin a day, only 60, so I went for it. The Focalin was great at first. Ritalin has bad side effects: it is rough on the stomach and causes constant headaches. All through grade school I experienced this. The Concerta seemed to nullify the effects of the Focalin. Concerta made me tired, fatigued, aggitated and sweaty. I took one, and that was it. So the doctor put me on ADDerall XR 25 to replace it.

In Tylersmoms case, I would reccommend a combination of Focalin XR (it comes in 10's and 20's, maybe 5's), and Instant release tablets, which range from 2.5-10, so he does not have to face the side effects associated with Ritalin or Concerta. His odd behavior may just be because he is adjusting to a new medication. It takes time and patience when looking for the right combination. If Tyler is already on an XR version of Focalin, perhaps his innappropriate behavior hapens when the drug is not at its peak (in other words, not fully active), which is why i reccomend it in combination with an instant release formula.

I reccomend Focalin, now looking back, especially in young children. Now that I am 24 and have accomplished many things, I told my doctor just yesterday "This is how I want it," and showed him many studies that I found, and told him FOR ME i want to quit all the Long acting stuff and just take three Ritalin 20's a day. He granted my wish.

I hope I have helped. This is my first post ever, so I hope others read it. Also, ask your doctor about Stratterra because it is not addictive and not as harmful as stimulant medication. I'm dependent on Ritalin, which is a Schedule 2 Narcotic. I was forced on it for 14 years of my life for a child-like mistake, and must now deal with being dependent on it. Please do not think poorly of me when I say I am never going to try to go off of Stimulant medication. Being on it that long, it has become a part of my life. I wouldn't have learned how to read, graduate high school or college without it. And now, I wouldn't be able to work with out it.

Again, Hope I've helped

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