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I understand your dilemma

I just quit taking ADDerall XR 25 mg's once a day. I found it ineffective. It helped with the hyperactivity, but did nothing for my concentration and focus. Others may argue, but if I were you, I'd ask for Focalin XR 20 mg's, as well as a low dose of the instant release form to take with the initial dosage, and in the middle of the day when it may be wearing off. I've been on every adhd medication ever! So, look into it. Also, do not let your doctor push you around. Be firm. You are in college and need, one might say even ENTITLED to the right amount of ADHD medication. 20mg, IR or XR is not very much. College is extremely stressful for people with ADD/ADHD. Personally, I prefer Ritalin 20 milligram instant release. That works for me. But I really advocate Focalin. It's a great medicine
are you sleeping? I had the same situation with you, i kept gettin immune to the medicine and uping my dose until i was at overdose. I wasnt drinking enough water i think, nor would i get up to 4 hours of sleep. Plus i noticed when i would eat oatmeal it would not work on me either. or even just havin alot of food would wear the adderall xr for me.

what is better, focalin or adderall xr?
what is stronger?

i'm extremely weak and depressed once i stopped takin ritalin la, concerta - long release 12 hours, and adderall xr

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