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Is it our right?
Feb 19, 2007
Dear board, i have posted on many sights as my life is very high maintence when it comes to my life as a parent. I have five wonderful, beautiful boys! I will tell you a little to get to know my situation. I have a seventeen year old, has conjenital heart disease. I have a twelve year old with insominia, and i have thirteen year old twins, one with add, bipolar, the other adhd combined type, odd, and depressive mood disorder also sleep problems. Then i have a seven year old who they seem to think hes adhd and was diagnosed, not that i tottaly disagree. Heres the thing. When my one son who has bipolar with add they originally just diagnosed him with adhd later to find he was bipolar, whatever the diagnosis is i am now dealing very much with the seven year old who i think is really bipolar with some add. I am not a dr. or a councler by far. Well the dr. put him on ritalin in kindergarten to find it wasn't helpful, with his councler thinking like me that he is bipolar well now he is in first grade a psychiatrist has diagnosed him with the adhd. And says yes he may have more to it but we will start with the treatment for the adhd. Meanwhile he was tried on 18mg of concerta because of the history with the ritalin. That dose didn't seem to be strong enough so it was increased about two weeks ago to 36mg, alright hold the brakes he is now doing wierd things like being way to focused not on his work per say unless he is physically rediredted. Then hes having eye tics, wich is not totally crazy because the father had one when growing up. So i am getting calls from the school about all this. Is it my right as a parent not to medicate my child? So basically like the ritalin he still was not focused on the low dose but was too focused on the higher dose, so what am i to do? They were supposed to test him for a learning disability around christmas or get a 504 plan in place, they have not done this. I am gonna recheck on why ect. The reason i know the difference between adhd is because one i am a mother and two i care for my children, and have delt with both adhd and bipolar and with the adhd it does not take a break, it is not there one day and gone the next ect. And today was hectic so my son did not get his med and had a great day at school per teacher. My one son is a true adhder it's there from the time he gets up till bed and hes doesn't hardly ever get emotional like my seven year old. Well i needed to vent really bad and to anyone who who has any tip or input i will be here to take it all in. I also emailed the teacher and the school councler i work with about all this and am awaiting thier replies also I am getting so.:dizzy:

Thanks so much for this board actually for all of them, i have my hubby but thats it, no other family friends ect. I am pretty good at being my own advocate but sometimes it's not enough!

Love, Monkey

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