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Ask your Doctor about Homeaphathic answers, I hate to see a child medied-out: Ask about digesting ie; eating clay, yes I said, clay! Also in the same vein with Dirt/ Help this person start a garden in the yard or in the house, making sure that they get therir hands into the dirt or make mud! ADD's like the feel of mud or clay and they love to create, the clay gives the feeling of security, and creating something positive, and recognition is the key: See if thier interest flows into playing and growing new things; Keep their hands, moist by running cold water over their hands before they sleep at night: The sound is soothing and the touch is reassuring: Jesus bless this Child Amen!!
[QUOTE=michael178;2906175]There is a recognized overlap between ADD and Bipolar Disorder, and ADD medication can induce mania in people that actually have Bipolar disorder, and agitation and anger are a part of most mania.[/QUOTE]

This is true, and I've actually heard that ADD medication and also antidepressants can cause mania even when the person is not bipolar nor has any history of it, although it is always assumed that a latent bipolar was there somehow all along and the meds "unmask" it .

IMHO that's like saying the meds are not to blame but pure and simple they can cause that side effect in some people who perhaps shouldn't be taking the meds due to the unknown mechanisms of these drugs, or sensitivities to drugs which vary among people just like sensitivities to foods, allergens, etc. vary from one person to another.

Stimulants have long been recognized to cause things like mania, euphoria, obsessive-compusive, sleep disorders, etc. I wonder why the medical community thinks that it would take only illegal use of these drugs to have those side effects. It's the same drug. Only difference is the dosage/use which prevents the all out crazy delusional high but the other "milder" side effects of aggression, sleep disorder, anger, compulsions, mania, euphoria, high blood pressure, heart stress, etc. etc. can still be there for most people.

Talk about denial issues; the psychiatric profession is deep in it.

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