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Hi, I'm 19 and for about a year and a 1/2 I've been diagnosed with severe depression, bipolar, insomnia, binge eatting due to depression and ADD. I've completely isolated myself from society for this 1 and a 1/2. Spent 2 birthdays alone and depressed. My doctors have tested me on a whole list of antidepressants and all different mgs:
wellbutrin xl

Then the doctor decided maybe I'm depressed due to being so unfocused and weak so they put me on this list of ADD medicines :

Ritalin LA
Adderal XR
Concerta (12 hour release) - DIDN't do a dam thing

All i can say is that these ADD medicines because addictive in a way because your body gets immune to them, and in my case quickly, about 3-7 days I would have to increase my dosage due to the fact that it would stop working. I had to switch completely at one point from ritalin LA to Adderal XR which messed ME UP completely. I feel DRAINED OUT of energy, depressed severely, hopeless, lazy, and eat compulsively to blank and the pain in my mind like a drug. I liked the initial feeling of adderall xr where it kept me on task and clean , and be productive and think so clearly and not eat out of depression, but then i kept raising the mgs until it was at over dose point since it stopped working. So they put me on concerta which does not work at all.

Now i'm on nowing except ambien to go to bed.

I dont know what to do. I miss the adderall xr effects but not the bad effects. It helped me for those few days.

Now I just feel so drained and weak and cant think clearly for ****. Cant speak smoothly with my thoughts. My mind wonders when people talk to me. I have a bad focus problem. I dont get my tasks done. I'm aggravated.

what the hell should I do ???

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