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i personally suffer with deppression and adhd im not on medication for adhd and im absolutely fine without deppression can cause alot of problems but whilst taking medication for deppression as well as medication for add will effect your thinking and thoughts making it even more difficult to think straight, im sorry to hear that the medication doesnt seem to be working for you it may be advisable for you to try fish oil capsules does help to control some of the symtoms for add, there is an ingrediant in the capsules that help control some of the chemical imbalances of the brain, which help you to concentrate better and help myou with your can obtain these fish oil capsules from any herbal shop or your local superstore they also have the fish oil medication in medicine syryp form, i do think that cipramil antideppressents would be more suitable for you maybe you should consult your gp regarding changing your medication again, i find these more suitable for myself as i am on these antideppressents, i have been on several antideppressents and these are the only ones that suited me, ask your gp. hope you get sorted. (removed)

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