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Re: Who can help?
Mar 14, 2007

My son has ADD/ODD. Hes 14 and we have to have him on meds...adderol for the ADD and risperdal for the ODD. The adderal helps him concentrate at school...but it makes him "annoyed". He holds that down at school, then comes home a tyrant.

I would avoid meds if at all possible. When you add meds, you add side effects. As difficult as it seems right now, your son sounds pretty mild to me. I have worked in schools and ran a daycare for years, and he sounds pretty normal for an intelligent boy :).
If you arent sure how he compares to others his age...ask to work in the classroom with his teachers (especially the ones he doesnt like...?)
Our son is absolutely loved by many teachers, but there are a few that he drives nuts. We found out that the teachers that hate him...had him under a microscope...sitting right in front of them. When they moved him to the back, they both did better.

Is he in a "High-Cap" class? In our school, the high cap teacher had a system allowing the kids to "take a break" at times when they felt bored...and they could go work on whatever was their favorite subject. They still had to listen to instruction, and finish all work, but they seemed to settle down when they knew if it got too bad they had an "out".

I very much agree with the post suggesting you look at his diet. I have read some studies that suggest that food colorings can affect ADD. I have kept an eye on my son and would agree with that. I try to get him to avoid highly colored/preserved foods.

You may want to break down his behavior into specific problems and try putting a reward system in place. This doesnt usually work for kids with strong ADD but it may be the solution in your case :)


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