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Mar 8, 2007
OK, just dx'd with bp and add....but I'm also an addict so they want me on no controlled substances. They have mentioned stratera. Has this helped anyone? Should I get another opinion? I don't want to have to take controlled substances if at all possible, but I also don't want to take something that won't help. I'm going to give it a go and hope for the best, but several ppl I've talked to say it didn't help them. I don't think it is abusing a drug if it is actually needed. Like I said, if I can handle it with uncontrolled sub's then great, but I do not want to have to fight with this pdoc if they don't work. Thanks
Re: Stratera?
Mar 11, 2007
I took Strattera for 3 weeks, and had to stop. I forgot everything, felt terrible, and had extreme mood swings. My doc didn't want me to take any controlled substances either. In my opinion if it helps I would rather take it. When you mentioned that you were an addict, it made me wonder. Maybe it would be much safer to take a controlled substance monitored by a doc, then taking whatever you are taking now. That is just my humble opinion. I understand that doctors have a hard time when despensing these types of meds. I have to run, I will be checking back to see how you are doing...
Re: Stratera?
Mar 13, 2007
okay I'm guessing you want a true answer right, well what ever you do [b]don't[/b] take it, It made me sick, the side effects were offle, I was never hugry and felt tird all the time, and my pooples in my eyes were really huge. I remember being at my grandma's [btw it was summer] and her rubbing my back and asking what was wrong, then she looked into my eyes and was like What's it wrong with your eyes, my parents had left me there to go shopping and we were going to meet up at Steak and L, when we got there I couldn't eat and I had to go to the bathroom a lot I had been on the med. one week and look what it did to me, although different medicines work in different people in different way, this med. I don't want to see anymore. I think I was on it when I was 10 and in the well almost in the 5th grade. Take care, also I would recimend Con*erta. It's make's me think clearer and remember things easier, but no med. will fix your ADD or ADHD. Take care
Re: Stratera?
May 11, 2007
Hi, I was diagnosed in 1995 after I went to an audiologist for a hearing test because my partner was complaining that I didn't seem to hear him and I was having trouble in a new career [[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]] when there were any kind of distractions (noise outside, etc.). My doc at the time had the same reaction as yours - "you have a history of addiction (to amphetimine, among other things), so we can't give you stimulants, and there's nothing else available to treat this but behavioral modification." I worked on behavior mod (lists, calendars, asking for help from friends and co-workers, etc.) and it worked pretty well until I found myself in an administrative position with more pressure, more deadlines and many, many interruptions. When I heard about Strattera, I reviewed my history with ADD with my current physician and asked him about it. He said that 1.) he had been disappointed by the results when he had prescribed Strattera, and that men in particular seemed to have long-lasting side effects, 2.) that my early addiction to stimulants actually might confirm the diagnosis and be a kind of self-medicating, and 3.) he had had much better results with Daytrana, which is a controlled-release transdermal patch that delivers a steady dose of Ritalin. Because it's a patch, it has little potential for abuse (he can only prescribe 30 days at a time because of law, I guess). I've been using it since February and I find it really helpful in a number of areas. First of all, it really makes a difference in being able to return to a task after an interruption and not feel lost, and it has also helped me to keep better track of dates, times, appointments, etc. (I had been having a harder and harder time remembering to write things down and that is improving.). I've experienced only minor drawbacks - an increased sensitivity to caffein, and, since I sometimes have to work evenings when I have to facilitate a group, I either have to wear the patch at the usual times (say, 8 to 5) and start getting a little less focused toward the end of my workday at 8:30 pm, or I have to wear it later (say 11:30 - 8:30) and then I may have a little trouble getting to sleep before midnight. You may want to talk to your doctor about Daytrana.
Re: Stratera?
May 13, 2007
It was horrible for me.. I got very sick, and very depressed. Worst medicine Ive ever taken.
Re: Stratera?
May 14, 2007
my son was on Strattera for a little while. seemed to work in the beginning, but then it quit working. so he was taken off of it. He's now on Abilify.

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