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ritalin comes in different packages. I have taken the 4 hour dose, but there is an all day type dose. You'll need to know which one you have, so that it can be given at the correct time. But, beside that, you should contact your doctor's office and let them know what is going on. This sounds like a side-effect, but I do not know enough about it.
As for the ADD, I was expelled from nursery school, my 2nd grade nun refused to ever teach must have been when I cut the braids off the girl who sat in front of me. And I won't say what my old 4th grade teacher told me one day. But this was before ADD was invented. And I survived. I am 65, and I often enjoyed having ADD.
I also enjoyed ritalin's help. Strangely enough, ritalin helps me most socially. When I am on it, I actually listen to my wife, and, you know, I found that I am married to a wonderful person. I also behave at parties when I am on it.
Good luck to you. Right now I am taking another ADD drug, Stratera, which is a Noreperneferin reuptake inhibitor (meaning that it increases that neurotransmitter's presence in my brain)
Good luck to you. Being ADD is not as hard as being a parent to an Add child.

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