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[QUOTE=JENNAY7188;2858022][FONT="Verdana"] Hi, I've been on a regular daily dosage of 15 mg AdderallXR for over 4 years, I am now 18 yrs old. It helped me a lot during highschool. But I have been out of highschool for about 7 months or so. I'm in an 8 month college program, and I'll be finishing that up in a couple months. Anyways, my main concern right now is the unexplainable mind I have lived with throughout my life. I am now noticing my problem more and more. I feel like many people have almost always looked down on me in some way or another, somehow. Mainly in school, but even in jobs and in everyday occurances. I am now noticing how "ADD" is affecting my life. I use to refuse medication several years ago, but I finally convinced myself it would benefit me. And it did. But not as much as I would like it to now. I notice how I forget things constantly, and my teachers constantly say things like "What were you thinking? What is wrong with you? Are you crazy? Are you that careless? How do you forget something like that?". Not just teachers, but also students and adults. As if they're ridiculing me. I have recently learned to not let people look down on me or let them get away with it. My question is: Do I need to or should I raise my dosage of Adderall XR?.... I sometimes raise my dosage to 20 mg and it seems to do me a lot of good mostly. But then I always go back to my regular 15 mg. Could it be that I am I too comfortable with my 15 mg dosage that I feel like I shouldn't raise it to 20mg? I'm unsure. All I know is that I am sick and tired of being so irresponsible and people constantly reminding me that I do things wrong. It's like they see me as some illicit druggie or that I've lost my mind (I hate illegal drugs and I don't do drugs). Trust me, I try everything to better myself and not let ADD get in my way; but the truth is that it DOES get in my way, and I'm usually unaware of it. Advice, anyone?? Thanks.[/FONT][/QUOTE]

ive been diagnosed with ADHD and i have a terrible time remembering anything, paying attention, etc. im suppose to take 20mg of adderall twice a day, but i too switch around my dosage (sometimes ill do 40mg in the morning instead of 20mg. and i will say it makes a difference). i dont think its what we are suppose to be doing, but then when i realize that- i go back to just the 20mg. i got this med. for college, when i realized i did actually have a hard time focusing & remembering assignments. i want to tell my dr about my problem with me having to up the dosage but i dont want him to think im taking advantage of it. im afraid its going to be taken away from me, and that would be bad. adderall really helps me with my college work!!!! but seeing as how you have been on this for 4 years, is different. i think you should go to your doctor. they will fix the problem.

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