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Re: Medicating ADD
Mar 28, 2007
Good for you Jenny, but I could only take the Focalin for 2 days then I broke out with a very severe rash on my neck and chest, now I am waiting for the dr. to give me something else. Maybe concerta or ritalin? My son takes Concerta and it works for him. Does your husband support you, my wife of 28 years is supportive sometimes but when the irratability or aggresiveness comes out especially when I drive (road rage) then she gets very mad and I do not blame her, I hate myself so much when I get road rage that I have twice came very close to suicide. Put in hospital once. Did your parents suffer from this also, mine did and my sister has been in a mental hospital for 42 years. Work however for me has always been very easy, I have worked in purchasing and contracts for the CTA in Chicago for 33 years and I am very good at what I do, so I skipped that part of ADD!! Anyway just hope you hang in there I am very happy for you and you hang in there. Fred....

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