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While I appreciate your post, I don't think you understand or read my entire thread. I have worked hard my entire marriage, and have always made about double what my husband makes. I accepted that when I married him- what I didn't expect is a husband that doesn't hold a steady job. He makes pretty much an entry level salary at almost every job he has had. If he had been able to KEEP a job, I would have been able to accept that. We have NEVER had a luxurious lifestyle, and I hardly ever have ever been able to afford to take a vacation. It is not that I want a rich lifestyle. I just want a husband that I can depend on to take RESPONSIBILITY to provide for his family. I realize no one's perfect, I never expected him to be, however as an adult, I do expect him to be responsible and take care of his family to the best of his capabilities. He has tried numerous different types of jobs and positions. I think it's time for him to look at himself and examine why he can not keep a job - 27 times is not just a coincidence. He has no retirement fund and no life insurance. He doesn't think about tomorrow. I believe a responsbile, loving spouse should be worried about making sure their family is taken care of in the future.

Did you know that losing a job is listed as one of the top stressors in life that can happen to someone???? Try going through that [B]27 times[/B]. We have almost $28,000 in credit card debt because of HIS mistakes and job losses, not because I live and extravagant lifestyle.

We also have had many other problems over the years, due to cultural differences and problems related to his childhood. So, believe me I have been the patient, loving wife, and I have begun to realize in the last year, it's time for tough love and time to make him accountable for his actions. If it means he loses me, it's not because I didin't do everything in my power, including counseling to make things better!

Is there anyone reading this that is either the wife or husband married to a man or woman with ADHD? If so, please share with me some of your struggles.

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