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thanks so much for posting about sleep apnea! both of your sons sound similar to mine ~ and I have wondered about sleep apnea with my son too ~ his dad has it ~ how did you find out he had it? did you just ask your regular doctor that he be tested for it? what kinds of tests did he have to do for it?

okay I just saw your other thread about it so that answered some questions :)
do you think I could just tell his regular doctor I want to have him tested? Did he have to go sleep overnight somewhere to be tested?
Sleep apnea is genetically dominant. If a parent has it there is an 80% chance the child has it. Your Gp will be useless in this case. GO to a Sleep Specialist and an ENT.

What should you do? Call your husbands sleep specialist and request a consultation for your children. What will be done? If the child has the indicators for sleep apnea, snoring fatigue, behavior, head versus neck size ratio indicator.. then they will request a baseline sleep study. The chald and you or your husband will have to stay the night, in the sleep center while your son's sleep is evaluated. After the base line study has been taken they will tell you if you are dealing with sleep apnea and if you must return for a titration study (CPAP tolerance and pressure test). In many cases the first thing that is recommended is a tonsilectomy and adnoidectomy. This cures about 80% of pediactric apnea cases.. however not all.

My child had all the symptoms we had when we were diagnosed with sleep apnea the year before.. he also had my sleep habits when I was a child. I had severe sleep apnea and wasn't diagnosed until the age of 30. But guess what.. my parents and brother have sleep apnea too.. and my parents fathers did as well. So I suspected sleep apnea, and call teh sleep specialists for an evaluation. Your standard GP's only get a 15 minute lecture on sleep disorders and tent to try to treat the symptoms first.. not the cause.

And unfortunately in my family a T&A doesn't fix our apnea.. it helps alot in the severity, but we have adjusted to being a happy CPAP wearing Darth Vader sounding sleeping household.

My son is four and I am glad we caught his sleep apnea in time he didn't suffer from an non-recoverable side effects.. like stunted growth and heart strain.

Hope this helps.

MG ~ sorry this is a weird quetion ~ Are sleep specialists called anything else? Like a more technical name??? I was just looking on the website that lists all the providers that are covered under our insurance and didn't see any listings for sleep specialists ~ I really would like to call one and have my son checked ~ I just talked to his dad and they found out he had sleep apnea when he was in the hospital for a very bad broken leg ~ they had him hooked up to monitors and found out that way that he kept stopping breathing ~
Anyway, there are other specialties listed that are covered under our insurance, but no listings for sleep specialists ???
Most sleep specialists are Pulmonologists, Cardiologist, or Neorologists..

However all the ones I have been to and that are associated with my practice are classified as MD ABSM (American Board of Sleep Medicine).

Call your GP and get a recommendation for a sleep specialist.. they will be associated with a sleep and/or lung disorder diagnostic center. Also you can look up: Physicians and Surgeons - Sleep Medicine in your phone book and you should come up with something.

You can also call you insurance company and ask them for accepted sleep specialist with regards to sleep apnea testing in your area. Sleep apnea is serious and deadly. Most policies provide coverage for the identification and treatment of the disease.

Best of luck.
thank you so so SO much for all your help!!!
I found several places, but only a couple that do kids ~ I made an appointment with one, but the 1st appointment available isn't til July 9th!! :(
The other place is at the Children's Hospital and I had to leave a message there and it said they would call back within 5 business days (due to being very very busy) The appt I got in July is just for the consultation and then it sounded like it would be another long wait for the actual sleep study, sleep over thing, so I'm kinda bummed it's going to take so long, but very happy that I at least have an appointment!!! :)
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
MG ~ just wanted to say thanks again ~ you were so helpful!!! :)
I just got a call back from Children's Hospital and they can get him in on May 24th ~ so much sooner than the other appt ~ yaaaay :)
Last night I was tucking my son in, he was falling asleep and I prayed for help finding the answers to help him ~ he just started adhd meds yesterday and I'm so worried about that because they are a stimulant just like caffeine but stronger ~ and when he drinks caffeine pop or eats chocolate he gets just crazy out of control, so I am very worried that this medicine is going to do the same thing to him ~ anyway, I think I saw your post about sleep apnea for a reason :) and I'm very grateful! I kind of forgot about sleep apnea, but like I said his dad has it, I think I probably have it, I wake up all the time gasping for breath like I'm suffocating and my sons allergist mentioned sleep apnea years ago, so I think I just needed to be reminded about it ~ sorry for rambling and being so sappy :p
No problem. I am just glad that my experience and the experience of others can help prevent misdiagnosis in some cases. ADD and ADHD are serious.. so is sleep apnea. But when you label a child that is suffering from sleep apnea as ADD/ADHD and treating it incorrectly it amplifies the steotypes associated with the stigmatisms of ADD/ADHD.

All children are special and should be treated with the best care we can provide.. unfortunately it takes a good deal of effort on our parts to ensure that our health care providers and teachers are informed as well.

Best of luck on you appointment.


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