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Well I beleive what prevents the last part of your post about doctors determining whether or not you have a mental illness is they do an evaluation. Your seriously jumping the gun here and running off on a tangent and doing alot of assuming. What doctor have you ever been to that just simply handed out drugs to people with evulatiation over one symptom ? none that I've been too. If they have than you better run first off and second, report them to the AMA.

Like I said, when I went to my doc he went through an entire evalution on me and my family history. Asked my wife all sorts of questions. Different situations and scenarios over a series of several people and several different appointments before I ever even got my first drug and it was a starter dosage. And I didnt just walk in there all "ho hum" like it was no big deal. I basically said "doc, listen... I'm in agony here. I have been for years and I can't take it anymore. I need to have something done" . And I said that every apointment and he did his best to treat me but he never rushed it at all ever once. ANd even though it sucked horribly then, I actually thanked him for it. And my axiety was a one time minor thing. We all get worried and upset over stuff. I was just being over cautious if it was a side effect from my adderall wearing off like a strong cup of coffe does, and I dont beleive it was. I wish my bipolar problems were as simple and quick as that anxiety. Thats been going on for quite sometime.

The other part of your post I'm not even sure how to respond applying to really mental ill people needing treatment. Thats a no brainer. Do i feel really mentally ill people need drugs ? of course, who doesn't ? lets move on from there.

people with no biological illness recieving drugs. Ill keep this short. a psych was speaking at a public meeting about a guy for some reason had chest pains for whatever reason a few times. His subconscious kept track of this and put a pattern to it. over a short period of time this guy checked into the ER with chest pains. The ER finally reported this to the psych department and the doc came down and evulated him and put together the fact he was having PTSD and was having panic bad ones. He put him on an antidepressant so he could function and live his life. After so much time passed and he realised he was perfectly fit and had little to no chance of a real heart attack he was taken off the meds and hes fine. Example number 2. Band - Aid meds such as xanex and valium. Sometimes people are going through a really tough time such as loss of a loved one and they are having trouble getting back into their life and they can't sleep at night soemtimes or they have panic attacks or whatever is going on. The doc can give them a temporary script for these to help them get back on track. Does everyone have these ? no... do they need htem ? no... but its a luxury to improve life so thats why they are there.

about destroyed bliss having ADD Or not. I just said either she doesnt have it or doesnt have it bad if she doesnt need the adderall to function or if it didnt make that big of a difference in her life because any script will tell ya.. any treatment, or any surgery that they all have alot of side effects and the side effects have to be less than the benefit of the treatment. She didnt seem to have alot of really bad symptoms to begin with and had severe side effects so obviously her stopping adderall was a wise move. I agree. If shes fine with that great. She'll be better for it, if she decides shes still having ADD trouble maybe she can try straterra.

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