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Well I don't know about all of that but I can tell you that I have ADD myself and its a severe pain in the ***.

These are some of my common complaints I listed to my doctor.

- General lack of motivation and fatigue. I wait until the last minute to do something that I have to and I hate it every step of the way. If given the choice I would choose a physical beating than have to perform certain "boring" duties. Then as the opposite things of interest to me I'll work my *** off and wont quit. Otherwise I'm perfectly content to sit in a chair with a soda and stare at the TV all day and do nothing and not complain one bit I'm bored, or I need to get up off the couch and do something, or I'm getting cabin fever. Makes no difference to me I'll sit there forever... unless something interests me.

- Lack of focus and a wandering mind. When I look at something to read its like I'm looking at it with pereipheral (sp) vision. Like if someone ran up beside you you can see them from the side of of your eyes but you cant see detail. For instance you know a man ran by you but what color was his hair ? ... no clue. This happens when I read all the time, Ill read something 5 times over and retain none of it no matter how hard I force myself. Whats an even bigger complaint is when somone talks to me Ill just zone out completely and uncrontrolably ALL the time. Ill even do this when I'm in a store, I can walk halfway through the store and come to and be like "what the hell am I doing here ?" I have to force myself to concentrate on simple everyday tasks and it usually doesn't work, or at least not very long.

- memory problems. I am near retarded sometimes with trying to remember where I put my keys, phone numbers, simple directions. I mean I'm BAD... I can't remember anything. Its in one ear and out the other. Its like my mind is out of phase with my body and senses and very little gets through.

suppliments do nothing for me... absolutely nothing. the only natural thing that immediately fixes this right up is adrenaline, even in the smallest amounts due to something of my interest perking me up for some sort of competition, being scared or worried of something, trying to meet some sort of time deadline. Those snap me right out of it, but as soon as I calm down it starts all over again.

Now I'm on adderoll. I think my dosage needs increased or I need to switch meds. Ive been on meds with ephedrine in them and they increased focus for me. The adderoll does it somewhat but no where near where I need to be. It worked alot better the first couple of days I took it but now its smoothing out. However my motivation and energy levels are stablized and smoothed. I'm much more agreeable to do the things I dont want but have to do completely on my own with no problems. So at least I gained that from the adderoll. So medication does definately do something to remedy this.
I think I might ask my doctor to put me on either ritalin.... or maybe try a different adjustment or scheduling with the adderoll.

Its funny, last night I was experiencing alot of anxiety. I assume it was from the stimulant wearing off. I have had a few things to worry about lately but I don't think that was all of what the anxiety was from becuase I've notice around the same times everyday I get a higher feeling of anxiety for several hours... boy is that uncomfortable.

So i took one of my pills and cut it in half and took it. I remember sitting down and i was so calmed and relaxed it felt like a soothing liquid was just running through my body for about an hour. Don't knwo what that was. But when it wore off there was no anxiety. Im wandering if not only do i not have the right dose but if it wears off too quickly ? i know adderoll is suppose to gradually bring you down as opposed to ritalin. Guess Ill just have to test them and find out.

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