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thats a pretty ignorant thing to say. its always easy for someone on the outside to look in and criticize. when you have a chemical imbalance in your brain..... you can't force feelings. and thats what those chemicals do they produce certain feelings for no reason and you cant control them. scans can be done of peoples brains with ADD... you can visibly see it. And just as a side note I don't need to be lectured on doing things i dont want to do and working hard. I've had to do things in my life no human being should have to endure and I still have nightmares till this day ( i have PTSD as well). Ive also grown up on a farm so I know all about 16 hour workdays in 100 degree heat. THOSE are things that you simply dont want to do, and I'm telling you... ADD is more than that. Its a true brain chemical imbalance.

take a time when you feel like crap and you don't feel like doing something... something you hate. now take that and apply it to everything and pretend someone is forcing you to do it. its simply indescribable. Imagine doing that everyday of your life. its living hell, and it never stops.

I'm bipolar as well... do you advise people with BP to go without those meds too ? I'll tell you one thing, you wouldnt want to be in a room full of BP people off their meds. espeically me. I'm not depressed or psychotic, i just get massively irratated with racing thoughts and i never sleep. I look, feel, and act like a crack addict. Should I stop taking my Depakote so i can be like that ? Depakote actually makes me feel like a human being I use to when I was in my early teens.

I think I'll take my chances with the meds.... I've been hearing alot of good things about straterra. its non controlled and it seems to be a near magic bullet for ADD from what I heard.
Yeah, I understand better your point.

I'm not really sure how to respond to your post. I see what your saying but I still very much side with my own opinion because I know the situations of myself, my wife, family, friends, and strangers in facilities. And to quote our very very busy psychiatrist who is pretty much forced to see more patients than he should due to supply and demand in our area. "its amazing what the right medication can do" and I said "you took the words out of my mouth". Becuase like I said, I've seen it personally. Its like having a bad running engine thats needs a rebuild. Put the right parts in it and the thing is a whole new machine. I remember this one guy in a facility once, he was extremely mischievous. I mean he was the basic equivilent of giving a 5 year old a 4 pack of redbull. Just doing anything to be bad and hyper. He was even acting out with mild threats, like telling people he was going to take them over their knee and so forth. He caused alot of the staff and patients alot of greif and a behavoiral health facility is the last place that needs stress. They changed his meds and he was completely normal. It was unreal.

To comment on natural remedies as sleep and eating. Again, neither one of us knows everything and never will. But you say doctors dont comment on eating and sleeping proper. My psych doctor stresses this very much as well as do alot of the articles I have read. Like for instance, if your deprived of just say 2 solid hours of sleep each night for 2 weeks it would be perfectly normal to exhibit mild signs of many bilogical mental illnesses. So, if you already have the illness, being deprived of sleep will make it MUCH worse. Same goes for eating properly and so forth.

To comment on how people abuse their bodies. That can split off two ways as I see it. one way is ... ok yeah, the guy did coke and meth and burnt out his adrenaline... its gone. He knows he did damage to his body, hes clean, he screwed up. But now he has ADD. He deserves a second chance and deserves proper medical treatment. he can't have a stimulant because he abused them so hes prescribed straterra. The other way it can split off is they did temporary damage and they use the drugs to get themselves straightened out and once back on track they get taken off the drugs. This also happens in alot of cases. Like people who suffer from PTSD will take a certain drug until therapy eases their mind...maybe over a few years then they come off of it mentally healthy again. Both ways I would say they need and deserve the benefits of these drugs.

As for me. I have never done any illeagal drugs ever.. no not even marijuana. I never drank until well after turning 22 and it was only a drink of two on the weekend. And I had my last drink when I was 24. So I drank socially/lightly for about a year and a half. Like most kids I tried smoking when I was in my early teens but in total I probably smoked the equivilent of 2 packs....if that. Most people living in LA breathing the air are worse off than that. Abusing sleep is h ard to answer because of my mania... i would stay up for a long time then sleep a long time.. so conclude from that what you will. I also kept in pretty good shape my whole life. during my physical tests after I joined the marines I could do more pullups than anyone. When i was in high school I could run faster than anyone in the whole school, as well as with pullups. Distance running and pullups I certainly did well but no records broken there or anything. And also I would liek to ad, theres a history of mental illness in my family. Some got treatment and some didnt. And alot of them showed the same symptoms as I did.

In your case, I'm sorry to hear you were misdiagnosed and treated. That sucks becuase I know all about it too...and for pretty serious stuff too. But what you have to remember is, you were self aware and smart enough to put all the pieces of the puzzle together enough to figure out you didnt really have a mental illness, the doctors unintentionally induced a similar facsimilie of one. So once you figured that out you got yourself off your medication and did all sorts of healthy activities to purge your body of the toxins and get your body functioning as it should. And that worked becuase your not really mentally ill. Alot of people with mental illness are also intelligent, sometimes the most intelligent people are mentally ill or weird in some other way lol. but anyway.... they too can piece together they have a problem and try to purge themself of it. But guess what ?.... they cant becuase theres nothing to get rid of. If they try to go to sleep at 10PM to get a sleep schedule going and your nervoous system is still burning red hot becuase your BP 1 ......your not going to sleep. If your depressed and you go expose yourself to sunshine and exercising to release endorphines and surround yourslef with life such as flowers and puppy dogs and engage in your favorite hobby..... you can do it all you want but its not going to release those endorphines or raise those seritonin levels because according to your DNA, which are like little factories and the nucleous is like the forman whos looking at the DNA which is like a quota list.... its saying "hey.... we're good guys, keep it up" (or whatever else is physically blocking your brains ability to produce the proper chemicals, such as prior drug abuse causing permanant damage) While your body and mind as a whole feels like going into the corner and cutting your wrists. When taking the proper medication in proper dosage and following a general healthy schedule it corrects all of that and you feel as your suppose to and it opens a whole new world to you. If you want to get super technical about not knowing about how this all works EXACTLY and being able to prove I guess your right, but look at it like this. You don't have to know anything about a car to know that when it runs out of gas it stops moving and if you put more gas into it it will move again to figure out that the car is somehow converting the gasoline into forward motion. (or whatever other type of analogy you want to use, but your not stupid I'm sure you get the point).
so many things but i'll only address a few.

I don't know what doctors your seeing. but the one I see monitors all meds I'm taking and thoroughly monitors everything else related. and taking a stimulant is perfectly fine to take with bipolar AS LONG AS your properly stabilized which my doctor made sure I was before perscribing the stimulant to me. If I got addicted to it I would be downright shocked. As mentioned I've tried drinking and smoking before and neither took...never got addicted. And a couple years ago I was perscribed a cough syrup for several months that had codeine in it and I took it regularly as perscribed everyday. When the bottle ran out at my last dosage that was it, and I never had any withdrawls. The syrup also had ephedrine in it. I have also taken health suppliments for working out from GNC in the past and later found out they had ephedrine in them. Then right as I was finishing up the bottle they banned ephedrine. I threw the bottle away and never had it since, no ill effects. The anxiety effect I was feeling a few days ago was actually due to the trouble I was having in my real life becuase now that the event has passed my anxiety is gone. I also believe my adderall dosage is too low and that "calming" effect I had when I took the extra half pill was simply the drug working as it was suppose to and I never felt it before becuase the dosage was too low.

Also, to the original poster. If you can go without your adderall and say its no big deal then you either dont have ADHD or you don't have it very bad because the motivation adjustment it gave me quite honestly has changed my life even for the short period I've been on it. So you shouldn't make judgments either. Just becuase you can easily go without it doesn't mean others can or should. Not only that but you had hellish side effects, there is something else going on there clearly and you should have that looked into. The worst side effect for me was that it had me over wired for the first few days and I had to get some sleep but that soon passed. Also, Adderall can't give someone bipolar disorder. Thats like saying you can get AIDS from someone by shaking their hand. Adderall is an amphetamine, and lke other amphetamines or stimulants if you heavily abuse them they can make rebounded effects like bipolar and or even worse yet if your dopamine levels get 150% over normal you can even experience psychosis. Alot of the time what happens is people with bipolar get diagnosed with ADHD and they are given a stimulant and it makes them worse.

I think what you guys are doing is taking your personal cases... adding a few stories you hear from people and read on the internet and you apply it to everyone in the world. Theres alot of people in the world with things going on everywhere all the time infinitly. Our puny minds can't comprehend whats going on out there. You cant sit here and say "all doctors are idiots and misdiagnose things" and "people shouldnt be on all these drugs" . Who are you to evaluate their lives ? How can you ? As I've said before the smallest things make the biggest differences. Not knowing one small thing soemtimes, even when you think you know it all can make something go from wrong to right at the snap of your fingers. I personally think denying someone treatment is the wrong thing to do. Hey... when I get sick I'll most likely get over it without medical care, but If I'm not feeling better in a few days my rear ends down at the family docs getting antibiotics or prescription symptom relievers. And why shouldnt I ? Thats why they make them. All of this stuff is to improve quality of life. We don't need TV's... people havn't had them for millions of years but its nice to have them. Becuase we need entertainment to have a more pleasurable life. Well mental health is no different. If I have Bipolar and I'm manic and I have ADHD at the same time as well as a few other conditions and my everyday life is nothing short of living hell to me that is no different than waking up with the flu becuase to me thats what it feels like. Thats what I usually tell people. What would you feel like if you had the flu everday for years ? And there are some people who have it WAY worse than I do. And even if you have it mild like yourself... why should you deny yourself the benefit of these drugs ? Ok, you dont like adderall....ask for straterra. Or like I said maybe you dont have ADHD at all. Or maybe you were on the wrong dosage of adderall....who knows. Maybe you need to switch your doctor.
Well I beleive what prevents the last part of your post about doctors determining whether or not you have a mental illness is they do an evaluation. Your seriously jumping the gun here and running off on a tangent and doing alot of assuming. What doctor have you ever been to that just simply handed out drugs to people with evulatiation over one symptom ? none that I've been too. If they have than you better run first off and second, report them to the AMA.

Like I said, when I went to my doc he went through an entire evalution on me and my family history. Asked my wife all sorts of questions. Different situations and scenarios over a series of several people and several different appointments before I ever even got my first drug and it was a starter dosage. And I didnt just walk in there all "ho hum" like it was no big deal. I basically said "doc, listen... I'm in agony here. I have been for years and I can't take it anymore. I need to have something done" . And I said that every apointment and he did his best to treat me but he never rushed it at all ever once. ANd even though it sucked horribly then, I actually thanked him for it. And my axiety was a one time minor thing. We all get worried and upset over stuff. I was just being over cautious if it was a side effect from my adderall wearing off like a strong cup of coffe does, and I dont beleive it was. I wish my bipolar problems were as simple and quick as that anxiety. Thats been going on for quite sometime.

The other part of your post I'm not even sure how to respond applying to really mental ill people needing treatment. Thats a no brainer. Do i feel really mentally ill people need drugs ? of course, who doesn't ? lets move on from there.

people with no biological illness recieving drugs. Ill keep this short. a psych was speaking at a public meeting about a guy for some reason had chest pains for whatever reason a few times. His subconscious kept track of this and put a pattern to it. over a short period of time this guy checked into the ER with chest pains. The ER finally reported this to the psych department and the doc came down and evulated him and put together the fact he was having PTSD and was having panic bad ones. He put him on an antidepressant so he could function and live his life. After so much time passed and he realised he was perfectly fit and had little to no chance of a real heart attack he was taken off the meds and hes fine. Example number 2. Band - Aid meds such as xanex and valium. Sometimes people are going through a really tough time such as loss of a loved one and they are having trouble getting back into their life and they can't sleep at night soemtimes or they have panic attacks or whatever is going on. The doc can give them a temporary script for these to help them get back on track. Does everyone have these ? no... do they need htem ? no... but its a luxury to improve life so thats why they are there.

about destroyed bliss having ADD Or not. I just said either she doesnt have it or doesnt have it bad if she doesnt need the adderall to function or if it didnt make that big of a difference in her life because any script will tell ya.. any treatment, or any surgery that they all have alot of side effects and the side effects have to be less than the benefit of the treatment. She didnt seem to have alot of really bad symptoms to begin with and had severe side effects so obviously her stopping adderall was a wise move. I agree. If shes fine with that great. She'll be better for it, if she decides shes still having ADD trouble maybe she can try straterra.

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