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okay guys im just going to make a little update... first off i didnt realize i couldnt copy & paste things from the net... so my apologies.

[CENTER]come to find out Adderall XR has have affected me in many of the rare ways, im refering to the rare syptoms listed in the paper work. It has been noted that Adderall XR can cause psychosis (i dont know if thats spelled right), mental issues, tourettes, suspiciousness, bipolarness, thought process (mentally), aggressive behavior, psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices or things that are not actually there, believing things that arent true, etc.) and general maniac symptoms. So this med can be extremely dangerous.
There are a list of things i have experienced from the above information... [/CENTER]

-[U]suspiciousness[/U] [B](always thinking and feeling like somebody/something wants to hurt me)[/B]
-[U]my mental thought process [/U][B](i've found myself thinking of things ive never thought of before, ex. being paranoid and afraid of things that i never even thought about)[/B]
-[U]psychotic symptoms[/U] [B](hearing/feeling things that arent really there)[/B]

the things i have actually experienced are detailed and bold fonted in the above text. i will make it clear that i have NEVER been diagnosed with any mental issue and i've never had any problems what so ever within that type of mentality. nor have i ever had suicidal thoughts. i have always been that [U]care free outgoing girl with the random sarcastic personality[/U]. so ALL OF THIS is rather new to me. [removed]
I am glad that i have done my research and found the information i needed because now i know that im really not crazy. I dont know how rare this is but if you are considering Adderall XR you [B]SHOULD[/B] really pay close attention to your symptoms. There are other meds that can help you with your ADD/ADHD and they wont make you feel this way. So that is my update.

*ill make a little note here saying that just because Adderall XR didnt work for me, doesnt mean it wont work for you! we all have different things going on throughout our bodies. and everybody handles everything differently.

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