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Ive recently started taking adderoll. I had the same thing almost. I started taking it and I was totally wired. I did so much throughout the day I was exhausted but didn't feel "tired" but I could tell that I was. I think you probably know what I mean. The next day was same thing only worse yet. The next day I decided to hell with this I'm gonna lay off for a while. I didn't take it for two days and I could still sorta feel that the drug was in my system. I definately wasn't myself, thats for sure. But I decided to start slowly back up.... then being the daredevil I am (lol) i said to hell with it I'm going to start taking normal doses and see what happens. So when I got up in the AM I took my pill and after about 2 hours I didn't notice much.... being it didnt effect me much I decided to take it again at noon and the same thing. I could tell that it was doing something but absolutely no where near what it was before. I normally follow my directions with meds to a T, but after days of strenuous activity and little sleep my body was dead on its feet. I was showing all sorts of signs of exhaustion. I noticed when I walked my feet were shuffling, and I went to pick something up and put it on the shelf and my wrist was real "sloshy".....yet I never felt tired, or sleepy I should say.

If I understand things right if you keep hammering at something it has more effect. If I were to of kept up with my doses the "wired' effect probably would of kept on... but since I gave my body a break it built up a tolerance. Kind of like if your taking antibiotics you have to take them as prescribed or else the bacteria actually get stronger.

This is just a guess, I dont see my doc for another 2 weeks so I'll see what he says.

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