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Quick note about the left handedness. Never heard that prenatal trauma idea before. [B][I]MANY medical studies have shown and documented that left handedness tends to only result in the mirror twin of an identical twin set.[/I][/B] Oftimes one that is left handed , is an identical twin or the surving twin out of a set of which one was readsorbed. Of multiple birth pregnancies approximately 75% will readsorb all but one fetus in the first two months of the pregnancy. Our bodies can only take so much physical strain and stress and will do what it must to produce a healthy viable off spring. Even thing must be aligned just right for a multiple pregnancy to convert and be carried to term. We are just not made to handle more than one baby easily.

My grandmother (twin), father and uncle (survivng twin), myself and my son (surving triplet) are all lefties and there is no prenatal trauma in our family... there is a strong history of twins. We also have our far share of premies, but even those tend to be big babies. I would not worry about the prenatal trauma one whit. Being left handed is a quirk and not a disability.

Look into improving your study habits. If you haven't had training you may be suffering there. There are many excercises than can help you. Also some people just do not have an innate since of direction.. my mom is one, but she is not ADD.

Also look into your sleep hygiene.. I have a post on this on the sleep disorders board. There are many things that can cause similar symptoms to ADD and not actually be ADD. Try everything else in my opinion, before pigeon holing yourself and asking for unnecessary meds.


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