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"Depression or Adult ADHD?"]

Wow - almost sounded like someone was trying to be me out here Ana. I totally feel your pain and I am going thru the same thing.

I agree with Bob and I'm going to change medical doctors because I basically diagnosed myself and was given Adderall. Well after reading that Canada banned it after 20 deaths - I asked my doc to take me off of it and he suggested Concerta18mg and lately I've been depressed, moody, crying off and on and just all over the place.

Initially a few years ago he put me on Zocor or Vytorin for high cholesterol and my memory started getting horrible (I had also quit smoking a pack a day after 15 yrs. so nicotine withdrawal and developed overactive bladder and stress incontinence shortly thereafter due to way too much caffeine I'm assuming).... found out later from him that it was linked to "cognitive thinking" - OUCH. Yes - I told him I wasn't trying to lose my memory in order to lower my 260 level cholesterol that was hereditary from my Dad as well. So now I'm paranoid to take any cholesterol medicine.

The last 2 months I've been absolutely horrible on Concerta 18mg - crying, depressed, can't focus on my job, moody with everyone and the list goes on and I'm sooooo frustrated with it. I went to see a counselor today - she's not a psychiatrist so I'm debating??? BUT I have decided regardless that I'm getting off of the Concerta with or without my doc. It says you shouldn't just stop taking it but it's not like my doctor ever goes out of his way to ensure I have another prescription so go figure.

Any advice/suggestions on the best route for me to take on this? My memory really is getting bad or I'm not retaining things and my focus isn't anywhere.... it's horrible. I can be listening to you explain something very serious on the phone and drift off and miss what you're saying or it doesn't sink in. Please help!

Thx :)

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