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I sure hope things will get better for you and your daughter. I think there is are so many opportunities these days for teens to really get somewhere if only they don't fall into the party all night scene.

I am grateful my kids have gotten grants for college to attend for free; both look like they are going to teach college level math and the other computer science. This country, even with it's problems, sometimes does come through with help for kids to make a good future.

You know, maturity and age really do matter alot; this son of mine when he was in his teen years acted like it was a tragedy and unspeakable to spend Saturday night at home. Anyone who stayed at home not partying was a complete loser to him.

But as he aged into his twenties, something slowly changed. The other day out of the blue when friends were calling him up to go out.. he actually told me that he felt partying was a big waste of time!! kidding I'm like who is this person?

Now he'll go sometimes to meet friends to have a beer but he said its to keep contact with his friends basically and most Saturday nights he actually stays home working on the computer, doing homework, or even spending some time just watching a movie with me.

It's amazing what a few years can change.

But my son wasn't quite as reckless as your daughter, although he did his share of things. So you are right to be concerned and I really do hope you will get her whatever help she needs and that she will accept that she needs to change her course before something really bad happens.

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