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My gut instinct tells me that she's not on drugs. Over the years I have tended to lean toward the negative regarding her behavior, meaning that I've been looking for signs...consistently. Her father often waited up for her on weekends in high school and when she came home from college for visits. He said that when she came home from a night out she didn't appear to be drunk (no alcohol smell, no slurring of words, etc.) and didn't appear to be high (you know, those eyes give you away!). I know that she did frequent the frat houses at school last year but she told me that she didn't drink to excess. Yeah, I know, I could be a sucker but we have always had a pretty open line of communication which I thought was honest. As far as always being this way...I'd have to say yes. Now that I really give it some thought. She was a "loud" baby. If she didn't get her way she'd let out a scream that could crack a champagne glass. She was impulsive and preferred to stand by her desk in 1st grade instead of sit. The teacher saw no problem with it so we just ignored it. I was just thinking about the grade issue this morning as well and realized that she coasted through elementary school and middle school and it wasn't until high school that problems showed up. My thought on that is that she is very intelligent. She was tested and could have been in the gifted class in elementary school but we opted out for "social" reasons. It was an isolated class of approximately 15 kids and we wanted her to have more interaction with others during her schooling. So, anyway, I'm thinking that she was able to absorb the material for school quickly and do well with minimal concentration but when it came to high school and college, the time requirement for studying became too much for her to handle. She also had a boyfriend in high school that didn't care a bit about his future and that surely had some bearing on her interests and speeding tickets and possibly other problems with the law. I think there are many variables in this particular situation and I have really encouraged her to explore everything in her life with the doctor, when she sees him. Back to the drug issue: She was a gynmast in high school, and a darn good one, which required her to submit to random drug testing throughout her four years there. She knew that, and loved the sport dearly, so I think that she really steered clear of the possiblity of getting kicked off the team for that. She was kicked off (temporarily) for mouthing off to her coach in her last season. That is another story in itself, having more to do with a long standing personality conflict between the two of them. Wow, I've gone on and on. Let me know if you think I'm too naive!


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