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[QUOTE=frazzledparent;3062030]Wow, very similar! I understand the frustration you are experiencing. It has seemed to be a constant battle for so many years.[/Quote] Yes, and the thing is there are periods of times that things seem to look as if they are getting to appear normal only to go back to the constant torment again. Like now, we just about kicked our daughter out of the house a few days ago.....she decided to go to an amusement park out of state against our wishes.....she just had to go!! We told her that we are tired of being a hotel....she works but every free moment must be doing something or she is miserable. I KNOW something is up....she can't stop moving or doing things. And if there is something to do and we stand in her way of doing it she does it anyway.....there is no controlling her anymore. I have to say that she hasn't gone over her curfew but she doesn't live up to her home responsibilities. It's as if her life is in fast forward action....I know that teens like to keep busy but this is way more than that. She just got home from work and within 20 minutes she was out the door to a Hookah Bar!!:eek:

[QUOTE=frazzledparent;3062030] At this point we are anxiously awaiting the next phase, which we hope is some kind of medication along with some psychological therapy. She is soooooo antsy and irritable and disorganized and what's worse is the selfishness that is part of least I hope that is a symptom.[/Quote] Exactly!! That is the word that best describes my daughter....I know that teens are self-centered but it is like nobody else exists except her around here!! That and boredom if there is nothing to do. That is a big word around here...."bored" and if there isn't anything going on at any given moment it is like the end of the world. I am awaiting the next phase along with seem to be one giant step ahead of me.

[QUOTE=frazzledparent;3062030] I am getting quite concerned about which medication she may be prescribed. I've heard often now about the suicide attempts and that scares the hell out of me![/Quote] If your daughter's behavior becomes much worse and she gets more irritable, or exerts much more energy and does really out of the usual things that is a sign of hypo(mania) which is followed by suicidal thoughts. This would be indicative of your daughter possibly being Bipolar. That is how Patty Duke-Austin was diagnosed.....she had an Asthma attack and they gave her prednisone or a steroid which induced a mania....for years her psychiatrist had no idea what was going on until he saw her reaction to the med. That is how they diagnosed my younger daughter who was placed on an antidepressant (SSRI) which carries the same warnings as some of the ADD meds. But if our daughter does have a reaction it will most probably lead the professionals into re-evaluating her for Bipolar because it is a typical response of somebody who is Bipolar to have such a reaction to these types of meds.

In any case....just keep a close eye on your daughter and if there is any behavior in her that you find concerning call the doctor ASAP and hold the next dose of her med until you hear back from him. I hear that Strattera is the ADD med that is least likely to cause such a reaction because it is the only med that is a non-stimulant and also is less addictive than the others. So you may wish to keep that in mind as I have that tucked in the back of my head when it comes time for my daughter to be evaluated/treated.

[QUOTE=frazzledparent;3062030] I know that my description of my daughter seemed quite critical and possibly over the top, but I think you understand where I was coming from. I love her very much and want her life to be as uncomplicated as possible, and her "self destructive" habits and behaviors were/are definitely compromising a promising future.[/Quote] Karen, I understand you more than you might know. I love my daughter and she is the most beautiful, intelligent, gifted, amazing young lady you would ever meet. She makes us proud in many ways....her employers love her as do er friends but there is something going on that is really complicating her life, which makes her unhappy and unfullfilled. She knows it as well although there are only very rare occasions that she will admit it. It's as if so long as she doesn't sit down and have time to really think about it she is safe from knowing it. And so she keeps running and running so as not to be still because when she is it torments her. My prayers were finally answered when she finally brought it up to me that she thinks something is going on. It happened when her friends at college made mention of it and when she couldn't keep up with the work and lacked the concentration needed to get sosme things done. And I am so glad that we have an appointment to finally look into exactly what is going on.

[QUOTE=frazzledparent;3062030]Keep me posted, please, regarding both of your daughters and thanks again for sharing your experiences with me.[/QUOTE] I sure will and will continue to follow your progress with your daughter as well.

Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one going through all of this. It sure makes it much easier knowing that I am not alone.

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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