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Rheanna had a good idea for me to post some insights to my ADD.

Below,I have my diagnostic experience. The second post is the background. I didn't want to make a huge 3 page post, so I thought i'd make it easier on the eyes.

Despite the tone of my background post, I have had a good life. I have no valid reason to complain of anything.

[B]****[/B] Below if more of my main point. I'm going to talk about my diagnosis experience in hopes that someone may benefit. I'm not a physician, therapist, or psychologist and I do not claim to be an expert. This is all subjective

I did things backward. I talked to my doctor and we tried the medication first. I planned to eventually have the testing. My response to the meds gave a pretty good indication.

First, we tried [B]Strattera[/B]. As a distance runner, I didn't want to go the stimulant route. Since they were "banned," I didn't want to adjust to going on and off of them when I ran races. Granted, I am not a pro athlete, so it would likely not be an issue...but I wanted to have the security that my times were mine.

I could not tolerate the fatigue with [B] Strattera[/B] while taking the preliminary dose of 25 mg (104 lbs). I endured it for 5 days...

Next, we did [B]Wellbutrin.[/B] While the effects are not as pronounced, there were no side effects. I seemed to mellow and I noticed myself having to return for forgotten items. My husband could tell a difference.

[B]Insight #1[/B]: Some people may find the perfect med on the first try. For others, it is trial and error. Just because the first thing does not work, that does not mean that something else will.

[B]Also,[/B] there is a diffeence in generic and name brand--regardless of what the FDA says.
***[/B]I found that keeping a [B]log [/B]to be beneficial. I can never cover everything at a follow-up appt. I noted my exercise level, overall intake, caffeine, moods, energy level....My doctor/therapist found that reading this was helpful. In fact, the parent may also want to keep a log of their observations.

After that, I did rconsulted with parents of ADD'd kids and did my own research and learned that I had some misconceptions with stimulants. i talked to my doctor about trying one. But, I was 4 weeks from a marathon and wanted to wait until then.

After my marathon, I added short, generic ritalin to my Wellbutrin. I liked keeping my Wellbutrin because of the mood benefits. Also, it seems the rebound affect.

[B]Emotional issues [/B]: There is often a fall-out after a marathon that can lead to depression. I had been thrilled with qualifying for Boston, but eventually, you come to earth. So, some of these factors may have been at work. I was also sick the week of the marathon and ran while s(upper respiratory). My body hated me for a few weeks, so the fatigue and other factors may have been at work

In the beginning, I had an "maybe I'm not such an idiot afterall!!" However, the tables eventually turned. The very idea that lifted my spirits was contributing to my depression. Little quirks such as forgetting keys began to upset me....then it was "See, you are just an idiot." I wasn't in therapy yet...

I wasn't intending to dwell, but memories of my childhood started to surface...things tht had not crossed my mind in years. There was nothing trauma related, but just many small things and hurts. The memory of the past combined with what I was learning to the present also contributed to anger. I felt shame over things in the past I felt "flawed."

Obviously, this type of thinking wasn't helpful BUT, ignoring the emotions isn't the answer. Seems as if so many people want to point the accusatory "pity party finger" or the "she wants sympathy" line...I didn't want sympathy, but I wanted some empathy

In my layperson's view, this diagnosis may elicit a grieving process--no matter how much you suspected. I was shocked at my emotional response.

[B]Insight #3:[/B] This MAY happen, even if she is in therapy. In fact, therapy may elicit them during the healing process. Insight can be healing, but sometimes healing means feeling the full pain (my opinion of course)

***I'm not trying to predict problems, I'm just saying keep a lookout.

I have some OCD qualities or rather the tendency to fixate. Being the most ADD drugs target Dopamine/NE/EPI, these meds may accdentuate this.

I ws in a situation of increased running, mixed emotions, and taking a drug that can accentuate obsessiveness>>eating disorder relapse.

I had dropped from 104 in Aug to 91 in December. My eating habits prompted my husband to nark be to the doctor. Ritalin was determined to be a culprit. In regards to my obsessivity, it did rather than the appetite affects. In fact, i lost an additonal 3 pounds after going off of it.

I was finally referred to a professional in regards to the ADD....also a smooth way of getting an ED eval as well. My doctor had suspected my eating problems prior, but she could not prove it...I was also referred to a psychiatrist for my meds....

We also added an SSRI to the mix with the Wellbutrin. I was scared to death of taking an SSRI bec I feared weight gain. She had reservations about a stimulant due to my eating disorder....but since I was training for Boston, I was not motivated to lose additonal weight. And, if I wanted a diet pill, I could have found a cheaper one at Walgreens.

Went back to my regular doc and she agreed to rx Adderall. But, she and my therapist were going to "watch me like a hawk." I had to go into the office to have my weight checked for 8 months. I still see her every 3 months.

That was over a year ago....things are getting better as I work with my therapist. My marriage is great. And, I was just accepted to Pharmacy school and will start in 2008

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