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I agree with you 100%. A problem that is making this whole situation worse is that my husband is giving our daughter EVERY benefit of the doubt. I think she's using that trust and running with it...often. He even scrutinized the psychologist's report, bringing up little points to him at the meeting regarding her drug "abuse". He didn't want our family physician thinking that our daughter was some kind of drug addict. Even though the pyschologist explained that the term "abuse" was the decided upon term for those who use...even recreationally...illegal substances. My husband wants our daughter to get the best medication she can and thinks that if the doc thinks she's prone to addiction then the stimulants will not be prescribed. We just had another fall out over this. I was talking to our daughter about Strattera and what I'd found on the net as well as what feedback I've gotten on this site. I was also told, months ago, by my older daughter, that the "'ADD daughter" had taken someone's medication (Adderall, I'm guessing) to complete a project. I didn't say anything at the time, not wanting to get the older daughter in trouble. But, tonight I did say something to the effect of "Just because you've tried Adderall doesn't mean that other things won't work". Well, that blew up...she denied it and stormed out of the house. Husband got extremely mad at me and left as well. Lots of relationship problems centered around this disorder. If I can't talk about it openly then what am I to do???????

Karen and Goody,

You ladies have a tough, tough problem on your hands. Too bad you didn't have it when I was 18 and had all the answers.

Best I can do is say you both are good parents excersing good judgement.

Strattera works. If you opt for it, you'll have to sell it well. Not everyone experiences side-effects. Nevertheless, Strattera can be brutal first couple weeks for many if not most users. That in itself can be cause for failure.

Another option you can very cautiously consider is Concerta. A methyphenidate high "sucks" to start with. Concerta's slow release makes it suck even more. I'm talking like a teen because that is how they think. It is not as abuseable as Adderall. Hence its "market" value is much lower especially if Adderall is available. And Concerta is not snort friendly.

Why risk it? A lot less possibility of nasty upfront side effects. Us ADHDers want action NOW. We certainly don't want things getting worse before they get better.

Additionally, if Concerta has no (zero) efficacy neither will Adderall. It blows the "it ain't working for me" con out of the water. Tell a doctor Concerta doesn't work at all, and you are out of the running for stimulants altogether.

Even so, don't do Concerta unless you can police your daughters meds. Is there any way to do that? Can you or someone you trust hold the bottle and dispense preferrably on a daily basis? It not daily, weekly?

Honestly, I never took so long to post. I've thought and rethought. I'm nervous about Concerta. I'm nervous about Strattera. Sometimes all options suck. Which one sucks less?


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