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Goody and Karen,

kjrunner has the ADHD drug information you need.

You must reread kyrunner's "Insights of ADD/ADHD as an adult" posts several times. The posts are not long winded. They are, in fact, compressed files. Unzip them and you got a well written book. She underscores therapies that work, the complexity of ADHD management, and the many corollary ADHD emotional difficulties and their management.

For your convenience I clipped kj's medication accounts. Italics for attribution.

[I]First, we tried Strattera. As a distance runner, I didn't want to go the stimulant route. Since they were "banned," I didn't want to adjust to going on and off of them when I ran races. Granted, I am not a pro athlete, so it would likely not be an issue...but I wanted to have the security that my times were mine.

I could not tolerate the fatigue with Strattera while taking the preliminary dose of 25 mg (104 lbs). I endured it for 5 days...

Next, we did Wellbutrin. While the effects are not as pronounced, there were no side effects. I seemed to mellow and I noticed myself having to return for forgotten items. My husband could tell a difference.

Insight #1: Some people may find the perfect med on the first try. For others, it is trial and error. Just because the first thing does not work, that does not mean that something else will.

Also, there is a diffeence in generic and name brand--regardless of what the FDA says.

I have some OCD qualities or rather the tendency to fixate. Being the most ADD drugs target Dopamine/NE/EPI, these meds may accdentuate this.

I was finally referred to a professional in regards to the ADD....also a smooth way of getting an ED eval as well. My doctor had suspected my eating problems prior, but she could not prove it...I was also referred to a psychiatrist for my meds....

We also added an SSRI to the mix with the Wellbutrin. I was scared to death of taking an SSRI bec I feared weight gain. She had reservations about a stimulant due to my eating disorder....but since I was training for Boston, I was not motivated to lose additonal weight. And, if I wanted a diet pill, I could have found a cheaper one at Walgreens.

Went back to my regular doc and she agreed to rx Adderall. But, she and my therapist were going to "watch me like a hawk." I had to go into the office to have my weight checked for 8 months. I still see her every 3 months.

[B]That was over a year ago....things are getting better as I work with my therapist. My marriage is great. And, I was just accepted to Pharmacy school and will start in 2008[/I][/B]

There is no simple quick ADHD fix no matter how we cut it. Expect to experience kj's experience. Is it worth it? Read again last italized bold paragraph.


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