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Addprogramer....thanks for your very informative post. Like Frazzled, I would like to educate myself about the varying meds so that IF the doctor diagnosis our daughter we will be well informed as parents to make a final decision with him. We have an evaluation set for July 20th for my 18 year old daughter and since we are somewhat concerned about her susceptibility to Bipolar (being that her younger sister has been diagnosed with both ADD inattentive & Bipolar), I am of course very concerned about the induced mania issue especially since my younger daughter experienced that when put on Zoloft, a SSRI which poses the same risks of triggering mania in an undiagnosed BPer. However, in my younger daughter's situation it made it much easier for the doctor to diagnose BP. I will of course see what the psychiatrist recommends and will of course share my concerns with him regarding this.

I am also concerned about my daughter's susceptibility to drug abuse, first because alcoholism and addictions run on both sides of our family and second, my daughter has been using alcohol and pot since the age of 14. I am pretty sure she is self medicating but am not going to bury my head in the sand and make excuses but that is my motherly instinct.

So.....with that being said I think I would be more comfortable with a non-stimulant medication such as Strattera. What are your thoughts about that one??? And are there any others that you would suggest with what I have shared with you concerning my daughter's predisposition to Bipolar as well as addictive problems.

I appreciate your advice and look forward to anything you or anybody else has to share regarding medication choices.

Frazzled....I am glad that I am not the only one here standing in LIMBO and hope that both of us will see some positiver results once our daughters are porperly diagnosed and treated.

Hope things have calmed down and that you get your answers soon. I am only a few steps behind you.;)

(((((HUGS))))) ~ Goody:angel: :wave:
Hey everyone:

On to the next step. The meeting with the psychologist went fairly well. He is going to send his findings to our general practioner so she can prescribe something. What that will be is to be determined. I questioned whether a pyschiatrist would be the preferable way to go for medication. He said "yes", but in our area there are only three...seems they are lacking in the field...and the three around here are booked solid with more severe cases (psychosis, bipolar, etc.). He knows our family practioner and has confidence in her ability to prescribe something that will work. He was concerned about my daughter's "experimentation" with alcohol and pot. Yes, seems she has been using the weed! Says it helps her concentration. Hmmmmm. Therefore he thought that a non stimulant drug, like Strattera, would be the first step in combatting her ADHD. She, of course, wants Adderall because so many of her college friends are on it and it works for them. She seems to have her mind made up that Strattera won't work because she knows of one girl at school who uses it and it doesn't work for her. My guess would be that she doesn't take it regularly. Anyway, on to the family doc next week for another discussion and then hopefully on to some kind of medication so we can take the next step in finding something that will help her. Meanwhile, she's doing a great job with her summer English class!

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