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My 16yo daughter was seeing a counselor for unrelated issues and was diagnosed with ADD recently. I was shocked(due to my ignorance) because she has been in the gifted programs since grade 2, never had problems in school, but suddenly in HS(and all the advanced AP courses) she seemed to hit a 'wall'...grades were sinking fast, very emotional, and cried because she couldnt remember/concentrate, etc. Homework wasnt getting turned in, lots of ZERO's. So, we started learning about ADD...and see that its hereditary...and the more I learn, the more I realized she got it from ME, her 43yo mom! I have all the classic symptoms, and immediately took myself into the doc and got evaluated...Oh yeah, he agreed. Put me on 5mg Adderall, 2xday to start. Meanwhile, my daughter was traveling so she still hadnt started any meds. I thought I'd try it out to see how it worked, what to expect, etc. 5mg did nothing, but I did play a little, doubled to 10mg/ 2xday, but ran out. Noticed a little effect, nothing major or exciting. Just started 20mg/2xday, and havent slept in 2 days...I've been up since 4am! I never had trouble sleeping before, ever. I wake up all night long. I'm sooo tired, but cant sleep, like I've been on caffeine all evening. I took the last dose at 2pm., so taking it earlier isnt really an option. daughter is about to start with adderall xr, but I worry about her getting insomnia as well. She DOES have trouble sleeping usually. She wont do well if she cant sleep, but I dont want to get her sleeping meds as well(I'm not a huge fan of ANY medication). Advice??

Also, my 12yo son is also clearly ADD...innattentive..not ADHD(like me!). He hit the same 'wall' this year, also in the gifted program but NOT a discipline problem at all. Sweet kid. He wants to be checked out. I need to get this medicine figured out before I put my baby on it though(protective mom!).

Clearly, a single ADHD mom with 2 ADD kids has its own built in cant find anything, we are always late, but we DO have fun!

Anyone else out there in my shoes? How did you manage to get everyone lined out? How do you sleep without adding sleep meds to the list? Will the insomnia go away? Its the only negative side effect I have(at this point). I can live with the cotton mouth and loss of appetite.....


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