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Hi Goody,
Thanks for your quick reply My son is being treated for depression he is on 1/2 Zoloft in the morning for that and for the ADHD and ODD he is on long acting Ritalin 40mg once a day and has a normal 10mg Ritalin after school.
He started to suffer from Depression when i was hurt at work and had to go to another city for a seris of back operation he was scared i would either die or be in a wheelchair. Niether happened thank god but i havnt improved either and will possibly end up in a wheelchair, so ALL my kids are dealing with a mum that cant physically do things for them.
When he goes back to the Peadiatrician I will ask him about the Bi_polar.
It breaks my heart to see my boys like this especially when I know that people are looking down at us, and although I know there is a reason for this I make my kids face up to what they have done and NEVER ONCE have i allowed them to use their condition as an excuse.
I can see when my eldest boy does something impulsivley that he regrets it straight away.
anyhow thanks for you support and i will post later about my other son (a whole different kettle of fish LOL)
Rachel ~ PLEASE be sure to be extremely careful with the daughter initially presented with depression following two deaths in the family. The doctor put her on Zoloft and despite my concerns of her worstening, continued increasing it. It did throw her into a hypomania of severe irritability and anger, self-harm, an arrest for shoplifting, running away into the dark of the night after pulling a knife out threatening to kill herself and eventually a suicide attempt. All this time I was pleading with the doctor to do something....he thought she was on drugs even though she tested negative. Anyway....she was hospitalized 4 times and finally diagnosed with Bipolar and then put on the right meds and is doing so much better.

I don't mean to frighten you....just keep a close eye on your son and if his behavior worstens I would definitely bring it to the attention of his doctor....Zoloft does have a black box warning of increasing suicidal thoughts in children under the age of 16 as well as being an SSRI that can also induce a manic episode. So do keep your eyes open while they increase the Zoloft. My daughter seemed to especially have problems going from 25mgs to 50mgs....even with the 12.5mgs to 25mgs she exhibited worse behavior but the doctor assured us that it would take a few weeks to improve.

I hope that things go better for your son but with that history of Bipolar in the family I would be extra careful on the Zoloft.

~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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