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I know this is a fairly new medicine. My dr just prescribed it for ADD in myself, not my child. The website for it is geared toward it being for children. I'd like to hear about experiences with it in adults. My dr just diagnosed me ADD (on top of my other diagnoses). Thanks in advance!
Anyone??? I'd really love to hear how well it worked for you. Any side effects, experiences, etc. Thanks in advance!
My doctor added this med to a lower dose of effexor today and was wondering the same thing!? It's gotta be for marketing reasons since it's so new. How is it so far?
Thanks for your response! I was beginning to think I am the only adult on this stuff.

So far so good. No side effects that I can tell. It seems to be helping some but not quite as much as I'd hoped. My dr did put me on the lowest dosage so we can go up from there. We'll see. Please do post if you have any weird side effects. I'm always anxious to try any new medications.

Good luck with yours!
haha well that's great;) [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]] I'm sure it'll gain popularity in the fall. It's still in clinical trials for adults, but with the consent of a good doc they can try it on ya. Well it's only my 3rd day, and even on 30mg I actually feel a difference. I'm def not as restless and can actually sit still and focus! Train of thought is a lot longer and the med does work for a long time. I'm thinking it will become a hit also because of the less risk of abuse. Which does a bring a neg, because it's ingested through the intestines, it caused bloatiness the first couple of days, but really that's it.

I hope the best for ya.
I'm on it and I'm 34. I've been taking it (50 mg) for a week so far. I was on Adderall XR 20 mg before this and the two are really similar to me. I can't say I notice much of a difference. Maybe it does last longer (my doctor said it was supposed to provide a steadier, longer-lasting dose), but it's too soon to tell.
Well after taking it for almost 2 weeks I can say that I notice a difference but not as much as I'd hoped. I'm only on 30mg so I may have my dr prescribe the 50mg when I see her again and that should do it. I think I need just a little more boost to be able to fully feel the effects. If that makes any sense.:) She said that 30 probably wouldn't be enough for me but it's better to try it at the lower dosage and go up than start at too much and try to go down. We'll see.

I do have to say I haven't noticed any side effects, so that's a good thing. And it is helping I can focus better and actually get some work done! So I've noticed nothing but positives from it, so far.
Were you taking anything before this?
No. I was just diagnosed ADD about a month ago. I also have Bipolar 2 and GAD (general anxiety disorder). After many tests and screenings and seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist they both decided that I have ADD. So this is all new to me, but it's quite a relief to know "what's wrong with me" so to speak.
Yes, started it about two weeks ago. Currently on effexor XR 150 in AM and 150 in PM. Tryed Straterra, bad, bad response to that one. Daytrana next, too jitterry. Last Vyvanse. Hit the jackpot with this one. I am working again like 20 years ago, able to focus on ten things at one time where I had gotten to where I could not focus at all. So far so good.
[QUOTE=hfojr;3132117]Yes, started it about two weeks ago. Currently on effexor XR 150 in AM and 150 in PM. Tryed Straterra, bad, bad response to that one. Daytrana next, too jitterry. Last Vyvanse. Hit the jackpot with this one. I am working again like 20 years ago, able to focus on ten things at one time where I had gotten to where I could not focus at all. So far so good.[/QUOTE]

Daytrana affected me the same way, too. It also made me really irritable. I frequently had to take the patch off after a couple hours. It was like I was getting too much medicine too quickly. (I also think methylphenidate and me didn't mix well.)

This is just like Adderall XR to me so far.
I joined this site because I was looking for people on vyvanse . I was on aderall xr , dr. said this would be much smoother . He started me off on 70mg and I am freaking out , terrible panic , did'nt want to leave my house yesterday , and today the same . I started crying , addreall did NOT make me feel like this , this dosage is to large . I was on 20mg in the moring and 10mg afternon of adderall xr , I'm calling my dr. tomorrow to see about 50mg's .
Another side effect is talking , my mind feels slow ( spacey ) so holding a conversation is difficult , couls also be the panic / anxiety ..who knows all I want is off this dosage . So I guess why I'm here is just to unload with people that have or are there ..

Hello everyone,

I just started Vyvanse about 2 weeks ago. I'm on 70mg and it works GREAT for about 6 hours. After that, well, it kind of poops out. Before Vyvanse, I've tried Ritalin, Strattera, and Focalin XR. I was on Focalin XR 20 mg twice a day, which worked OK, but Ritalin has always worked best. I never know when the other medications are going to wear off, and with Ritalin, at least I know I have a 2 1/2 hour window in which to focus and get work done. Anyway, the Vyvanse is working OK, but I'm thinking of asking my doctor to either split the dosage or go on it twice a day as a did with the Focalin XR. I took an extra one tonight and so far, I'm focusing great. I guess I have quite the case of ADHD! I was only diagnosed at age 19, when I was a sophomore in college. It was suspected before, but was "ruled out" because I have a high IQ. (This was 10+ years ago--luckily it's been realized that intelligent people can have so-called learning disabilities!) I also have severe OCD, for which I take 300mg of Luvox a day, and Bipolar disorder, for which I take Abilify. Hope this post helps answer someone's questions! Good luck to everyone, I know dealing with ADHD isn't easy.
Rintin - It's nice to see someone with all the same things as me. I have OCD for which I take Zoloft, Bipolar I also take Abilify, but I also have general anxiety disorder and have Ativan when needed. It sucks being on so much medication but if it helps me live a fairly "normal" life then I'm willing to do it.

So far so good with the Vyvanse. My doc is upping my dosage to 70mg. She started me on 30mg and told me if needed to take 2. I did and it was helping so she's going to put me on the 70 instead of the 50 or two 30's. So we'll see how the new dosage helps. So far no side effects. I think that if I were to have any I'd have them by now, so that's good! Nothing like some of the other meds I've been on in the past!!
im taking 70mg once daily, it works great for motivation and deffinitly allows me to focus. A plus is that it counteracts the extreme drowsiness i expirence after eating , from my abilfy 15mg

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