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Thank you for sharing your story. I have a bad one also..........
I never took Ritalin, but i was on Adderall and i believe it has the same make-up. Adderall almost ruined my life.
Keep in mind please, i'm not speaking of those who take it for justified medical reasons.....i'm referring to those who abuse it or who do not have the correct DX that justifies it medically. Bcuz if taken when one doesn't ADD/ADHD, it can cause some very dangerous symptoms.
I never snorted it, i took it as directed by my doctor, and it STILL made my life a living hell. Of course i did not realize this while on it, bcuz i was so messed up mentally. Until i was finally off of it, did i look back and see how insane everything was. I suffer from depression, and while on it i became more depressed than i'd ever been. I felt suicidal many times.
I fought with everyone in my life, and these were not little fights....I would freak out and scream & curse at them for no reason at all. I became addicted to it bcuz it helped me lose weight and i liked not being tired all the time, as i was all the time before i took them.
But after a while, instead of helping with my energy level, i became so sleep-deprived that i was a walking zombie.
I'd stay up til 4-5am (even on work nights) and then when the weekend came, i'd sleep during sat/sun til 7pm and then stay up that night til 6am and do it all over again the next day. It was total insanity. And i began to notice that even though i was speedy and racing around, my brain chemistry was slowing down. It took me 10 times longer to finish a project at work. And i would TRY to get to bed at a decent hour, but the next thing i'd know, it would be the wee hours of morning.....yet i had NO IDEA what the heck i had been doing that was keeping me up so late.
My family finally intervened and sent me to rehab.
I slept straight thru the entire first 3days. At the time, i was also on Methadone for chronic pain, dr. prescribed also. And the weird thing is that my family didn't put me in rehab bcuz of the Methadone, bcuz i was taking a low dose and taking it as dr. prescribed. But the Adderall is what made me crazy.
After a few days in rehab, i started to remember all the strange and crazy things i'd done and said throught the past months. I was sickened over how i had acted. Needless to say, i had A LOT of amends to make.
Oh, i was wrongly prescribed Adderall bcuz i did not have ADD/ADHD. I was just tired from the Methadone, and my dr. handed me an RX for the Adderall. I thought i'd found a miracle drug! I was thrilled that there could possibly be something out there to solve all my me function without fatigue AND help me lose weight (which i've always been insecure about).
I had NO idea until i was off the stuff of how bad it screwed with my brain.
And i had never been so depressed in my life. I've always had it under control with an SSRI. But during this time i can't even explain how deeply depressed i was. I was walking around extremely fatigued, very angry, very very sad, very messed up.....and i had no idea that it could be the drug i was on.
So hopefully this info. will help someone else out there. I'm glad you shared your story on Ritalin. I've been wanting to share this story bcuz it was such a major life-changing time in my life. And i'm lucky that i'm alive today bcuz i was THAT messed up from it. It is SO not worth even THINKING that this drug or Ritalin could be safe.

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