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hi weez... i just replied to the "other thread" you mentioned earlier... the one about teachers... anyway, i wrote my response there more from a teacher's perspective. now i'll respond from the perspective of one who has ADD/ADHD (depends on the doctor) but wasn't diagnosed until my early 20's.

i have only been on adderall since my diagnosis, and it has been amazing for me! inspite of what your doctor might tell you, adderall XR and regular adderall are VERY different in how they affect your body! i cannot take adderall XR! my doctor insisted i try it because it was the newest great thing for ADD... and i HATED it! it seemed to make me hyperfocus for 8 hours and then it wore off and i just got hyper (when my medicine wears off, i'm not a crasher, i just get extra hyper... i've been told that i can get "perky to the point of people want to slap me!"). i also cannot take generic adderall. it was like taking a placebo! just didn't work! so i stick with real adderall, 20mgs two times a day. i take one first thing in the morning, around 7, and then i take my second one sometime between 2-3 in the afternoon. that way it wears off just in time for me to go to bed!

anyway, my point is, you might revisit the adderall and try it in twice a day doses. it's not as "convinient" as adderall XR, as he (YOU) will have to remember that second dose, but it sure is better than that evening emotional crashing you have described! regular adderall comes in 5mg, 7.5mg (i think), 10 mg, 20mg, and 30mg pills, so you might get with your son's doctor and play with the dosage until you can find the right fit for him. it might be that he takes a higher dose in the mornings and then a smaller dose in the afternoons. back in the day, when i was single and had no kids, i tried taking 20 mgs twice a day, and it was too much for me! so i lowered it to 10 mgs twice a day, but that didn't work either because it wasn't enough! i finally found that taking 20mgs in the morning and 10 in the afternoon, was perfect! of course (sigh) now that i have a husband, two kids, and actual grown up responsibilities, i'm back up to 20mgs twice a day (although i think i'm getting ready to cut back in the afternoons again!).

anyway, you had mentioned adderall XR, but not plain adderall, so i wanted to throw in my thoughts about plain adderall in case you haven't tried that route yet! good luck to you! :)

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